Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on our Friends

Our friends lost their sweet little one today. It's not the outcome we were all praying for but they are believers too and know their baby is with Jesus. Please pray for them as they celebrate this little life and mourn their loss. Thank you for your prayers for them.


  1. Oh Lord God,
    Sometimes it is so hard to accept Your wisdom and Your grace because Your Ways are higher than ours. Multiply the faith, and wisdom of our friends. We know we need not grieve for the little one. But, we weep with and for the loss and sadness of our Sister-In-Christ, Jennifer, her husband and all their loved ones and friends.

    In The name of Jesus we plead for mercies upon mercies for them, knowing You are Life Eternal. We pray that in Your grace the Body of Christ will be edified and Your Name will be glorified. Amen

  2. Lots of prayers for them...I am so sorry.