Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cute story

I used to see an OB for my annual exams and for treatment/maintenance of my PCOS. Once we got our IF diagnosis and decided to pursue EA, I transferred my care to an RE. I haven't been back to my OB since, as my RE just did my annual exams, too.

So, it's been years since I was there. I called yesterday to make an appointment and I (happily) spoke to a nurse who was my favorite from before. I said "Hi Maria, this is Jennifer _________. How are you?" Like my first name, my last name is pretty generic, and it's been years since we spoke so I didn't expect her to remember me. And at first, she didn't. There was no recognition in her voice.

But, my OB's office takes your picture for your file. It took her a minute to pull up my file and suddenly she exclaimed, "Oh my God, Jennifer!!!!" She literally squealed with delight when I told her we were pregnant. She asked me over and over and over again if I was feeling alright and if I was bleeding at all and I kept assuring her that I feel great. She was so excited! I was so grateful for her little celebration.

We'd also been vacillating on whether or not to return to this OB--he's a wonderful practitioner, but we have ideological differences, especially on the morality of EA. But I know he gives wonderful care, I like that I know him, I like the hospital he delivers at, so we decided to stick with him. The conversation with Maria eased my concerns and confirmed that staying with him is the best thing for us.

So, I was just tickled pink and so honored that she would be so happy for us.

I think I'm finally starting to feel really pregnant. When you undergo an FET, you know you're pregnant MUCH earlier than a woman who gets pregnant the good old fashioned way does, simply because you don't have to wait until a missed period to start testing, and you have a doctor-ordered blood test confirmation right away. So, I'd tell people (strangers-not my friends, they're very supportive) I am pregnant and they'd ask me how far along I am and I'd say "4 weeks" or something like that and people would just look at me cross-eyed. I think a lot of people adopt the attitude that you shouldn't celebrate that early, and a lot of people just flat out don't know that early, so I was an oddball.

But 6 weeks feels like a "legitimately pregnant" number (so far as the world is concerned)--normal women know they're pregnant by now. First trimester effects are in full swing. Other people know they're due in early February by now, too. Now when I tell people, I get a loving or a knowing "oh, that's nice" look instead of a "wow, you're weird" look. I don't know--not that the babies' lives weren't legitimate before, because they were and are. It just feels like I'm entering an exclusive club that I've previously been left out of. The club of normal! It's actually kind of nice!

Today's my day off so I'd better boogie and get some work done this morning while my energy is high. TTFN!

Continuing to celebrate today, and praise the Creator of this day.


  1. That is great that the nurse at your OB's office was so excited for you. Mine was the same way!! And I know what you mean when you tell people that you are pregnant and only 4 weeks. My BFP showed up when I was 3 1/2 weeks (5dp5dt) and I still said 4 weeks because 3 sounded really silly!! So happy that everything is going so well.

  2. SO glad you're feeling "normal" and feel a part of the pregnant club :) It seemed like my pregnancy went on forever since we found out at 10 days post transfer!

    Keep enjoying every second. You and the babies are in my prayers every night!


  3. Just to let you know, I found out I was pregnant with Kate when I was 4 weeks pregnant. But, also to warn you... week 8 in pregnancy was REALLY when I started having pregnancy symptoms.