Friday, June 11, 2010


Portions of my blog entry, Shame on You Arizona Right to Life were recently printed in the most recent edition of "The Caleb Report," a newsletter by Life Decisions International, a major player in the pro-life world.

However, it leaves off my last name with the caption "last name withheld by request." There must be some confusion or breakdown in communication on their part, because no one ever contacted me regarding reprinting my text, or to inquire about what my last name is. While I do give permission (in the footer of this blog) for portions of my blog to be reprinted, and I have no issues with the fact that they did reprint it (the more people who can get the information, the better), it gives the impression that I am unwilling to stand by my words, which is simply untrue. I was never contacted, and I never declined revealing my name. It's just silly anyway, because as I was with the organization for 5 years, most of their active members know my last name anyway.

For the record, my name is Jennifer Wright.

Edited to Add, correction 2: In my first draft, I mistakenly linked to Life Dynamics, Incorporated, rather than Life Decisions International. There are two pro-life LDIs, and I mixed up their links. I have since corrected my error.

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