Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Morning Update

Thank you all for your prayers. It blesses us so much to know our babies have so many prayer warriors on their sides! We really felt God's presence and I was able to focus my prayers on asking for His will, His strength, His peace, and trust and faith in Him, rather than on sparing their lives. Because ultimately, we want His will, not ours. And I know that desire comes from Him, too. So thanks for your intercession. I truly believed God used the strength and peace you prayed for to direct my thoughts and prayers.

By the time I fell asleep last night, the cramping had stopped. I was still spotting, but a few hours later when I woke up to use the bathroom, it had stopped and it has remained gone this morning.

This morning, my morning sickness nausea turned into full-blown morning sickness barfing, which I took as a good sign that hormones are still increasing. So I'm actually grateful to be feeling so yucky. I'm pretty sleepy from being up a lot last night so I'm just going to try to take it easy today-just working and then resting, no gym tonight. I will call my doctor in when he opens in a few minutes to see if he wants me to do anything, but we're believing in faith that everything is still ok.


  1. This is such good news! Praise God! Still blanketing you and that little one in prayer. Rest and take it easy!

  2. I had this same kind of spotting up through about 8-9 weeks and all is fine. There are a thousand reasons it can happen and the babies still be fine. Best advise is to take it easy, drink lots of fluids. You may have to slow down the workouts for a few weeks but it is totally worth it. So happy you are doing better today.

  3. I would take your barfing as a good sign too! :)

  4. "Praise the name of Jesus!" "He's our Rock, He's our Fortress, He's our Deliverer, in Him will" we trust.

    "Our Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus's blood and Righteousness!" Amen
    Yours for Life,

  5. Jen, I'm so glad to hear a good update. I'm praying for you and yours and will continue to do so. I think of you often.