Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naming Baby

One "side effect" of 6 years of infertility is that we've had a LONG time to think about baby names. So, though we're barely 8 weeks, we've got our baby name list narrowed down to 3 girls' names, and 1 boy name. We're pretty sure that's our only boy choice, but he needs a middle name. There was another name that I love, but DH has a really strong opinion on the boy name, so I'm deferring to him and saving that name for hopefully a future child. With the girl names, there are two that are neck and neck, and a close third. It will be hard to choose one because we love them all. We're pretty certain of the girl middle name, too.

DH doesn't want me to post them yet. Once we actually decide, we're not going to keep them secret. We thought about it, but I don't like the way I've felt when I've been the one on the other end of that practice (no offense to those of you who've done it), so we do plan on sharing the name. But he's not ready for me to post them yet. He wants us to make up our mind, sans outside input. So, guess I'll post them when we decide and/or he gives me the all-clear :)

But, we did have a really fun discussion about names. He's decided he wants to remove the I from our last name, so we're just WRGHT. He said it's more economical that way. I said at that point, the W was extra, too. But he said he doesn't want the countless people who spell our name R-I-G-H-T to win (seriously, who does that?). Then he thought he could just go by T-W. I said if we're going for economy, he could cut those letters in half and just go by IV. Guess you had to be there, but it was so fun and silly and just wonderful to spend the evening giggling with him. When he wants to be, he is the silliest, goofiest guy I know and I absolutely love that about him.

He's also a fan of 80s girl names--Tiffany, Brittany, Hillary, Courtney, etc. I really don't like any of those names because I guess I think of them as so specific to that decade. Don't worry, I put my own name in there too and I don't like it any better. I tend to like more classic, borderline old-people names-usually of English or Hebrew origin. I seem to be winning in the name game because all 4 of our choices fall into that description but he assures me he likes them as well as I do.

Then he threw out Pope names. He said we'll have a Pious, and then John Paul I, John Paul II, John Paul III, etc. No dear, we are not George Foreman. Like I said, you probably had to be there, because when it was happening, it was positively hysterical but it's probably really lame sounding when you read it.

We'll see what sticks. People kept telling me that once we actually got pregnant, all the names we've loved over the years would go out the window. We entertained a few other choices for like 10 seconds, but I guess when you've thought about it for so long and always though things would go this way or that way, it's hard to think differently. Guess we'll see if things change as time goes on. :)

I still have moments of "this is actually happening." I just can't believe we're actually getting to talk about names.


  1. I love this topic! I am right there with you, having the same discussion over the past SIX YEARS!!! We also have two girls first and middle names nailed down and one boys first and middle name. What if I have twin boys??? Why are the boys names more difficult to agree upon?

    Either way, it's fun!

  2. Ditto, it's a lot of fun. And you could be like me and not fully decide on a name until 2 days after he/she is born. But I wouldn't have that any other way, Audrey's name suits her perfectly.

    I'm a big fan of names with meaning behind, much like biblical names having an important meaning behind them.

  3. Just wait until you find out the gender - it will become even MORE real! Yes, we have had one single "boy" name picked out since the beginning of time. Hope we get to use it someday. :) Can't wait to hear if it'll be pink or blue! Oh, and we didn't do the name "reveal" at birth, either. As soon as we decided on the name, we started calling her by her name. It really helped w/ bonding and made it more "real" to me as well. I'm so thankful that's how we did it!

  4. I'm so glad things are going well- and that you guys are having fun with it now! Picking a name is... such a responsibility... and such fun at the same time. We had decided on the names of both our daughters early on but when they born, neither of them "looked" like the name we had chosen for them. We ended up choosing a different name entirely a few days later... not once but twice! Enjoy the fun!! Can't wait to meet him or her =)