Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 Weeks Development

I've only consciously crossed the week mark twice since learning I'm pregnant, but I love it when it happens and I get to read a new stage. This is what's happening in week 5. Isn't God amazing? I constantly marvel at all that is happening so early in this process. No one but our great, magnificent, wonderful, creative, intelligent, masterful, physician God could have masterminded such an amazing process!

The changes to your growing embryo are not quite as drastic this week as they've been in the last few weeks. Growth is now largely focused on their little head, which is starting to develop much more rapidly than the rest of their tiny body. This is because their amazing brain is undergoing some very crucial and rapid development in order to effectively regulate their heart rate, blood circulation, and other vital functions. As for the rest of their miniature body, what were simple limb buds last week are limb flippers this week and the tail is more expressed. Amazingly, within a mere five weeks your little miracle is already developing the rudimentary forms of their liver, pancreas, lungs, stomach and nasal pits while their little heart is already increasing its circulation. Your baby is now a whopping 4-6mm in length.


  1. How fantastic! The weekly updates are so fun! Keep them coming!!

  2. Sounds like hard work, growing limbs, developing a brain, and all. It's too bad that we don't remember this time of our lives.

  3. I remember getting these development updates in my inbox when I was PG with my dd. This is so fun to go through this time with you! ((HUGS))