Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Afternoon Update

I called my OB this morning to talk to my nurse because when I called on Monday, she had specifically asked, several times about spotting. Since she'd specifically wanted to know about it, I thought I'd call and chat with her about it. She was with a patient, so the receptionist took a message. About half an hour later, the receptionist called back and said that the doctor wanted me to come in this afternoon. I was a little alarmed by the urgency, but my friends told me that it's pretty standard procedure for an OB to want to check things out with spotting. That was one thing that was so refreshingly different. The reason we chose this doctor (aside from his medical skill) is because he's as pro-life as we are. This was a baby to him, not a "product of conception" or a "fetus." I loved that. I didn't feel like he thought I was crazy or overreacting. An RE's office is just different. Don't get me wrong--my RE is a WONDERFUL practitioner and I can't say enough good things about him. But in their field, the way early life is viewed is just much more clinical. And statistics brace them and their patients for the worst, not the best (case in point, my first phone call with the nurse down there). My OB is the exact opposite, which was wonderful for my heart.

So, I went in. It took him a really long time to find anything. After a long time of looking, he said "I'm not seeing anything in your sac." I just closed my eyes and lay there praying that God would give me strength to hear the news I thought was coming.

He looked some more than then he said, "Wait, there's a little flicker." And we saw it briefly, but then it was gone again. So he moved the wand some more and all the sudden, it was dead center, flickering away, plain as day.

We saw one heartbeat. Then he said the baby measured 5 weeks, 5 days, and I should technically be 6 weeks 1 day, but he said he didn't think that was cause for concern. The heart looked like it was beating really slow and I told him that and he said it was ok because it's early. But then when I asked for the rate, he said it was 116-which isn't slow and is right where it should be!

He also said that the fact that we only saw one is not conclusive about whether both implanted or not since it's so early.

So, he's doing another ultrasound next week. (Oh darn, we get to see baby again). He said he just thinks it will tell us more. He said he could see some spotting still up in there preparing to come down but he didn't think it was cause for worry.

He told me to cool it at the gym (again, oh darn) and just rest and come back next week.

I'm exhausted after all the emotional ups and downs of the appointment. But, so far, it's good news! Not the "all clear" we were hoping for, but definitely good! Please keep praying though that baby's just small and that this really isn't anything to worry about! 2 days is not really a huge difference but it seems so significant when their size and everything is so dramatically different from day to day. But, I refuse to go looking for worry, so, we're focusing on the good news.

I feel absolutely awful today, (in a good way), so that's hampering my ability to feel much of anything except barfy, but we really are excited!

The dot between the two + signs is the baby! Baby is SOO tiny! It's crazy!


  1. Oh, Jen! So glad to hear that things seem well! I've been waiting all day to hear how things went, and I hope that all continues to be well. Thanks for keeping us updated - praying for you!

  2. wow that was a long reply! oops!

  3. Okay, I held my breath through the entire post! Whew, I can breathe ; ) I am so happy you got to see the HB. It is the most amazing thing isn't it, even as tiny as it is! Even after all my kiddos, I still get goosebumps watching that flicker the first time I see it! I am praying that you move right along and get some rest. That is also reassuring to know that you know that there will be no alarm when the "more spotting" arrives.

    What a day! I bet you are completely exhausted! So, no exercise, an extra u/s, did he tell you to eat chocolate too? ; )

    Is your m/s just in the morning or is it easing up as the day goes on? I don't know if you do herbals, but Traditional Medicinals makes a tea called Pregnancy Tea and it is good and my midwife recommends it. It's not for m/s really, just for a healthy PG esp. in the 1st trimester.

    I am so glad you have a great OB. I have never been to an RE, but I have talked with the embryologist who will be doing our FET and I know what you mean about clinical. My OB is Pro-life and he thinks it is great that we want more kiddos even though I am AMA (gasp!) So many docs poo-poo away women my age. I'll be finished when God says I am! I am so happy your day had a happy ending. Now, go get some rest : ) (((HUGS)))

    p.s. I have been on that table more times than I'd like to say, praying just like you did today. I am grateful your prayers are answered! You give me hope (God does it I know, but He is using you as the messenger!)

  4. YAY! I am so glad for you. To let you know, the boys always measured a little off from each other (and they were identical triplets). One always measured a day ahead, one right where they should have been, and one a day behind. When they were born, they were all within 3 ounces of each other. Those measurements aren't completely accurate at this stage... they just give an idea.

  5. I'm so glad you're feeling barfy. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  6. Oh Jen - Been thinking of you all day!! I'm so so happy to hear that you saw little baby's heartbeat!! :) I'm not sure if it eases your mind or not, but I've heard that a person is 90% less likely to miscarry if they've seen the baby on ultrasound and/or heard the heartbeat. :) I know when I was pregnant with Anna, after my first MC, that eased my mind a lot after I got to see her on the ultrasound.

    BIG HUGS!!!

  7. HI BABY! So glad we got to see you ahead of schedule!

    Yay Jen! BREATHE...RELAX....try not to worry...TAKE IT EASY!!!

    :) :) :) :)

  8. Praising God with you that your baby appears to be doing well and praying for his/her continued growth! :)

  9. So, are we going to say that the babies' first words were "Hi People" ? :-) So, happy to see the pictures and Jenny and I are continuing to pray for you, and the whole family.

  10. Wonderful~!!!! Praying for you!

  11. Oh admit it, you were faking all those spotting symptoms so you could see your babies on the ultrasound!

    All kidding aside, I'm so happy that you got good news and will be praying for lots more barfy days.

  12. So happy for you! Wow...that would have been so stressful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some smooth sailing :-)