Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weird Dreams

They say when you're pregnant, you have really weird dreams. I don't know if I'm having pregnancy-anticipation dreams or sympathy dreams for my best friend or what but I had the strangest dream last night. It was one of those dreams where I knew I was dreaming so I woke myself up but every time I drifted back off to sleep, the same dream continued.

Somehow, DH and I ended up the parents of twins. The dream started with us being at home with the twins the first day. I have no idea how they came to be with us, but it must have been in such a way that we didn't know they were coming (like a sudden adoption or something) because we had NOTHING for them. DH had gone to work the next day (It apparently wasn't relevant where we all slept) and I realize that I have no formula and since I hadn't given birth to them I couldn't nurse them and I had no carseats to be able to take them with me to the store. I call DH to come home and stay with them while I go out and buy a few essentials but somehow my mom from California makes it to our house before he does (his work is 5 miles away). So mom volunteers to babysit, and I go off to Target.

I guess midway through Target, I decide I'd have more luck at Babies R Us. I show up there and my best friend, who really IS pregnant and who spends much time there is waiting there for me as my own personal tour guide. In the dream, I have no idea how she comes to know to be there but she is. I say that I'm hoping for a baby shower so I just want to buy a few necessities-the carseats, some clothes, some diapers and some formula and bottles. Amazingly she has become an expert on newborn bottles and proceeds in to a lengthy explanation of bottle size, shape and volume. It was really very interesting. And weird that it was so prevalent in my dream.

Anyway, as we're going to check out, I spy something else that I must have: blue 3T sized sleepers with footies and rabbit ears (think Easter bunny), and Halloween Costume Finger Puppets. (I told you, my dreams are really strange!) I discuss with my bff why the children HAVE to have these things now and I check out. I think I leave her in charge of registering for me for a baby shower at church and I leave.

I get back home and am caring for the children. My mom leaves to return to California but doesn't get far before she gets stuck in a massive traffic line. Somehow I could see the line though I wasn't with her. It was a line like the line of cars at the Mexico border of people trying to reenter the country. People are out of their cars talking, milling around and interacting with street vendors. My mom somehow connects with someone selling baby blanket making materials. Mom decides she has to have them and turns around to come back and make the blanket. But it's not a typical blanket. What she has is a giant sheet of some kind of tracing paper that's also fabric, and a metal template with a 3D design and she's proceeding to lay the paper over the template and then rub it with a pencil to make the design from the template come through on the blanket. The template isn't big enough for the paper/fabric, so we're arguing about how to place it so the design is centered (it never occurs to either of us that tracing paper and pencil does not make an ACTUAL baby blanket), and then I woke up for the last time.

I hope you've had a hardy giggle at my expense. I have no idea what provoked such thoughts. The couple we had lunch with on Sunday has twins. Another snowflake family had a sudden traditional adoption placement last week (like they found out the day before that they were getting their daughter). Last night before bed I was working on my best friend' baby shower invitations and browsing her Babies R Us registry (though it contains neither 3 year old Easter Bunny pajamas or finger puppets) and last week a lady in our Tuesday night Bible study shared that her daughter was driving up from the orphanage where she works in Mexico and the visit was going to be short so they were hoping she wouldn't have to wait long in the border crossing line. Somehow all of that stuff converged in to this weird crazy dream. What is hilarious is that I don't even think about stuff like that when I'm awake so I had no idea it was hanging out in my subconscious!


  1. You've got BABIES on the brain!! What were the sexes of the babies in your dream??

    My husband dreamt of a little dark-haired baby girl named Rachel with lots of hair and big blue eyes in the months before I got pregnant. Guess what we had?? The same baby in my husband's dream, only we named her Monica Rachel.

    I believe in dreams, for sure! I have to teach you how to knit now!! I wish I was knitting when my kids were babies; the clothes and stuff is fast becasue it's all so small.

    I hope you have another beautiful dream again tonight!!

    Love, Liz

  2. your dream sounds like it lasted forever! and how could you ever do better than target? :)