Thursday, February 14, 2008

More great news

God continues to knock our socks off. It amazes me how quickly all of this is coming together (though I know we're just at the beginning of a long wait).

Yesterday the lady from Nightlight for whom I'd left a message the day before about whether or not there were any Arizona families who had volunteered to be contacts for prospective adoptive parents returned my call. She took down our phone number and email address and said she had several families she'd pass that information on to. I asked her if the woman I'd already emailed with ("D") was one of the names and she said that she ("D") was at the top of her list, too! I told her we'd already been in contact with "D". She said that she'd pass our information on to 4 other families too.

That was at 4:45 pm yesterday. By bedtime, 3 of the families had already reached out to us, offering to help in any way they could and offering their enthusiastic support for the Snowflake Program. Being that they've already gone through everything, the fact that they speak so highly of it was encouraging! One of the families who reached out to us called last night and we spoke for more than an hour (possibly for almost 2 hours). She was so sweet and generous with her time, information, patience and perspective. She walked us through everything and answered all of our questions, from the personal to the practical to the absurd. What a gift that was for us! And she's located really close to us. She and her husband have invited us to have supper with them and their TWIN snowflake girls, now 30 months old. We have graciously accepted and she said we'll set a date when the girls get over being ill. It was such a big help to us to have the perspective of real people and not just raw data.

We also found out that three couples all used the same fertility clinic for the transfer and they were all very pleased so we think we will proceed with them. I've contacted them today and tomorrow we'll call back to schedule an initial intake exam to map out the road from the medical side of things for us.

I know that pretty soon this process will have a whole lot of "hurry up and wait" but for right now, it's so great to see so many doors opened so quickly and God has been so faithful in providing guidance and answers as we navigate through new territory. Thank you for continuing to celebrate with us!

PS: In case you only read the top post, I wanted to point out that I posted a really extensive explanation of EA in the post below this one


  1. Jennifer, I'm so excited about everything that's happening for you guys!! Wow!!

  2. WOW!! You're situation is really interesting. I hope you don't mind if I follow your journey?