Thursday, February 7, 2008

Temporary Absence

Just wanted to check in and post that I likely won't be posting again til next Monday or Tuesday. I made a last minute business tirp to Los Angeles. It took a TON of last minute work that I never would have finished if not for my darling husband and sweet brother (so THANK YOU!) but it's going to be a long, busy weekend.

DH picks me up from the airport on the way to our next appointment with the specialist. At that appointment we'll find out the results of all the blood tests and hopefully have some good solid answers on our options. I'll post an update on Monday or Tuesday if I can. Right now I'm expecting "the worst" (emotionally--I know that whatever it is is actually God's "best") and I really feel at peace. If I feel that way about "the worst" I think that I'll do ok with anything better than that too. I just feel at peace about all the possible outcomes so I think no matter what he tells us on Monday, we'll be ok. DH is not sure where he's at right now (which I only mention so as not to exclude where he's at altogether). I don't think he's worried about where he is-he's just processing things differently.

So if you think of it, we'd love prayers on our behalf. I'll update as soon as I can and in the mean time I'll be enjoying sunny Southern California! Hope you all are well and blog buddies, I'll be a few more days behind in my catching up than I thought and had hoped for! Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. When I have those feelings of expecting the worst, it helps me to meditate on Rom. 5:5, Phil. 4:8, and Matt. 5:34. God doesn't give me grace for the troubles that I imagine, but he will give me grace for whatever actually happens.

  2. Jeremiah 29:11 also!

    sending you my prayers

  3. I'll keep you in my prayers girl for good news and a safe enjoyable trip! Thanks for kind words :-)


  4. I looke forward to hearing your update when you get back! I'll pray that the Lord prepares your heart even now for the results and the decisions that will ensue. I hope you have a good trip.