Thursday, February 28, 2008

Can't Hardly Contain Myself

I have been working on our taxes for the last 24 hours and I want to gouge my eyes out! Seriously, I can't understand why some people (coughcough*DH*) voluntarily do this stuff and on occasion even think it's fun! I told DH he was gipped. Someone cheated and told him the wrong definition of "fun." Anyway! The end result is that we're getting a tax refund this year. We usually owe since we're both self employed. But a variety of circumstances this year resulted in a nice refund. That, plus a few other things that we have on the very near horizon mean that we could proceed with the Homestudy and the Nightlight Portion of the Process (the most expensive part) very soon!

I'm still protecting my heart by estimating on the high end of costs, timelines, and wait times, but it's just sinking in that this is really happening! I talked to the Nightlight Coordinator yesterday and gave her my estimated time line and she seemed to think it longer than necessary or customary, so that was cool! It's just been so awesome, amazing, humbling, exciting, baffling, quieting, affirming and WONDERFUL to see the way God has been working through this. Sometimes I think He obscures His ways from us for a variety of reasons to draw us to seek Him further but this time it's as if He's flung the curtain wide open and allowing us to see so much!

I've got to get back to the accounting nonsense but as I was wading through all our documents and came upon some of these discoveries, I found myself so excited that I could just scream. But that would scare the dog. And hurt my throat. So I'm posting instead! And the thought of all I have to do to get our house ready overwhelms me a bit but it's an exciting kind of panic-not a stressful kind. Eeeeek!


  1. I'm amazed at how quickly this is moving for you right now!

  2. That is so exciting!

    I agree that taxes are such . . . a . . . drag . . . . Thankfully, D does our taxes. I would hate it. And we no longer get any money back, ever. I hate the AMT. :-(

  3. Congratulations!! We are three weeks away from our very first FET using donor embryos and are scared and excited at the same time. We've been through 8 years of infertility (6IUIs and 2 IVFs using our own "stuff"). We have suffered one miscarriage of twins just this past December and are just now ready to move on. We are happy to have found your site!