Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Update on a Prayer Request

***Pregnancy/Childbirth Mentioned***

In this post, I asked you to pray for our friends and their then-in-utero twin girls, Jane and Kate. The girls were monoamniotic which is very dangerous because of the large potential of cord accidents.

Praise God that both girls were born last week on Thursday. Monoamniotic twins are delivered early (though as late as possible) to protect them from late-pregnancy issues, so the girls still have some issues due to being premature and are in the NICU. I know their family would appreciate your prayers that they would continue to grow and thrive. One girl may need to have surgery if medications cannot correct the a problem, so please also pray that the medications would work and that she wouldn't need to go through surgery at such a young age. Their mommy is home after a long hospital stay and I know their anxious for the girls to join them there. Thank you for praying for them and offering your celebrations to the Lord for the safe delivery of these precious little ones!

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