Monday, February 4, 2008


I'm so excited. I got 9 hours of sleep last night (and 7 uninterrupted hours!) and I woke up this morning feeling wonderful! I finally feel 100% better and I've had the energy to get a lot done around the house today. I'm a little sleepy now (I always am after I eat) but I haven't been groggy or worn down at all today! I think I might finally be over this sick-hump. I always get sick at this time of year and at least this year it had the decency to wait til after Christmas, but though it's expected, I'm still glad it's over!

We had a nice, uneventful weekend. On Friday night we had supper with DH's folks, which was nice and I think we've finally decided how we're going to vote in this disappointing election tomorrow. On Saturday we finally got our Christmas tree taken down (I'm embarrassed to admit it was up that long!) and various other chores around the house. Yesterday we went to church and then came home and napped. All of our Superbowl plans fell through at the last minute so we ended up staying home and then venturing out to the grocery store when the game no longer held our interest. Let me tell you, the supermarket is EMPTY during the Superbowl--perfect time to go! Plus, we saved 54% using coupons, sales, rain checks and the club card (thanks Moms for sharing your extra coupons with us!). We sort of have a competition with ourselves to see how high we can get that percentage every trip.

In our quest to pinch our pennies we've eliminated almost all of our dining out so I've had to get a little more creative with my cooking so that we don't get bored! It's been fun though. I've always been a "little of this, little of that" cook so it's fun to experiment. Last weekend I conjured up a banana bread that was a nice treat and way to get rid of our last few bananas. Then later in the week I discovered too late that our tortillas had spoiled, nixing my plans for chicken enchiladas, so I sauteed the chicken in some salsa, onion, green enchilada sauce, and some seasonings. I put it over tortilla chips and topped with cheese and then popped it in the oven for 15 minutes to melt the cheese. I also added refried beans to DH's portion. It was pretty tasty and easy and since we used 2% cheese and baked tortilla chips, the WW point value was pretty low. Today for lunch I doctored up some canned Tomato soup and served it with Grilled Cheese and Veggies. Tonight I'll make a chicken and broccoli casserole that I invented a couple weeks ago that was a big hit with DH.

It's raining cats and dogs here which is great because Phoenix is in desperate need of hydration. I love these kind of days. I want to snuggle under the covers with DH and just stay there all day, listening to the rain hitting the roof.

Our appointment with the doctor to discuss the lab results is a week from today and I'm still feeling pretty good about it. As much as we can understand and foresee, I *think* that we're in a place to be "ok" with whatever the results are. I know that it is the peace of Christ indwelling our hearts and we thank you for all your prayers for us. We pray that that peace continues to sustain us. I really marvel at the work that's been done in our hearts in such a short amount of time.

If you think of it though, pray for DH. He has really just started his grief stage. I'm trying to support him as best he can, but I also know there are things that as a woman, I just can't understand just as there are certain parts of my journey that he can't really identify with. His dad has really been of comfort and help to him and recently, blog buddy Jon has been encouraging for DH too--it helps him to know he's not alone in this journey. I've been grateful for both of them. He's doing well, but it hurts my heart to see him so burdened.

I think we'll just be ready on Monday to finally have an answer and to have a direction to go. We've been stuck waiting at this fork in the road for a while, and sometimes suspending the emotions is worse than feeling and dealing with them. It will be nice to have some closure and some answers.

I'd best get back to work! Hope you all are staying well and dry!

ETA: My "Real life" friends may have noticed that I put my personal blog set to private. That's primarily because I don't really use it anymore but I still wanted to retain the content in case I ever want to refer back to it so I set it to "private" instead of deleting it. So, don't worry if you see it's invite-only and you didn't get an invite. I only sent two and then I gave up because I'm not blogging there anyway!


  1. The difficulty with blokes wanting to get their feelings out is finding another bloke who wants to hear them!

    If I can be of any help, let me know


  2. i have some great man IF websites if your husband is interested. Go go for cleaning, motivation, cooking, and a great attitude/outlook - you are refreshing to read

  3. So glad you're feeling better! Isn't it wonderful when you finally wake up feeling better after feeling bad for so long!

    Would you be willing to share your chicken and broccoli recipe with us? I am always looking for new, easy but yummy (and somewhat healthy) recipes.

    I'm so glad you are experiencing God's peace in such a real way right now! You have quite a testimony and it is encouraging for the rest of us!

  4. Good for you for not eating out! We're trying to do the same thing (with fairly good success)--it's amazing how quickly restaurant meals add up!