Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lending Library?

I'm trying to think through the logistics, but would anyone be interested in an honor-system lending-library of IF books and resources. I've invested in quite a few and want to keep them, but wouldn't mind loaning them out. The glitch comes in making sure the books get back to me safely. What about loaning books with a a small, refundable deposit (through paypal or whatever). Is anyone interested in that?

Also, would anyone be interested in loaning out their books, too?

I'd love to talk through this with anyone interested and if I can figure out the logistics, I can post a list of what I have available.

Please respond in the comments or email me using the link on the right!

1 comment:

  1. i'd love to!!!!
    you mention so many fantastic resources and i never make it out to the library to dig them up!!!
    i found your blog through Glenna and Heather and love your faithfulness through these various trials we undergo in our plight to start families...

    i've never figured out HOW to have my comments linked back to my fertility-related blog, it always seems to take people back to my PHOTOGRAPHY blog (which i do not want people commenting about fertility on -- it's for clients! haha) but can find my everyday highs and lows at:

    keep us posted on the honor system book loan!! :)
    Happy New YEAR!