Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prayer Requests

Hi friends,

Today is a day of requests for the Lord. Would you join me in praying?

1. Baby Ewan is not doing so well as we would have liked. They tried again to take him off some of the machines and his little body just can't take over. The particular machine he is on has a limited time in which it's effective, so they really need to get his body to take over before the machine ceases to work. Please check his mama's blog for better information-I admit I don't understand things really well enough to explain them here.

2. Several of my bloggy friends are getting their blood test results this week after having undergone frozen embryo transfers with their little Snowflakes. Please keep praying for Ashley, Jennifer, Lisa, and Em who are waiting. Lacie goes in for her FET next week. Would you join me in praying for a blizzard for these sweet ladies? We've already got a snow flurry- three snowflakes on the way! Congratulations to Krisa, Britney, and Tracey. Please pray as their little snowflakes grow. Pray also for my friend Shannon who was preparing for her transfer soon, but has encountered some roadblocks. Pray that their path would be made clear and smooth, and that they can proceed with bringing their snowflakes home soon.

3. My NVP is back with some regularity. Since Thursday, I've had pretty upsetting episodes Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday, and I'm fighting one off today. I'm just so very tired of the vomiting. While I've been grateful for the days off in between, I would really love some permanent relief from it. One praise is between episodes, I've been able to get some fruits and veggies and meal replacement shakes in, to help with the vitamin consumption, but I've not been able to do any reliably yet, and baby boy needs his nutrition, so please pray with me.

Thanks, friends!


  1. Hey Jen!

    I will, of course join in on your prayers! Thank you for including me as you pray for a blizzard! And thanks goes to everyone else who is praying on our (me, my husband, and our snow babies') behalf!

    PS. I love the new layout! How fun! (Not to mention fitting all around!)

    PPS. So sorry that you are still feeling sick! My goodness! You poor thing!

  2. Praying!

    BTW: Cute new blog! Very fun :)

  3. Praying for all and also pray you feel better so very soon. I love your new blog design too.

  4. Praying! I love your terms "blizzard" and "snow flurry"! And, I LOVE your new blog template - too cute!