Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So in love

Today was my first "real" OB visit. For some reason, my doctor's office doesn't chart you as OB until 11-12 weeks. So even though I've seen him weekly, they've all been GYN visits, so they've done the ultrasounds and not much else. But today they had to actually log me in as a pregnant person, which meant all sorts of fun blood draws, a TB test, my annual exam, some more poking and prodding, all the exciting stuff. Word to the wise-make sure you're well hydrated! I refused all the STD tests (DH and I were chaste until marriage and have been faithful to each other since so we saw no need, and some of them were already done because of FDA requirements for EA and nothing's changed since then), so that cut down on two vials, but they still drew 3 or 4 vials.

But having another peek at baby made it all worth it. He wasn't able to find the heartbeat by doppler, which he had told me was likely due to my weight and the fact that baby is hanging out way at the back of my uterus, so he did another ultrasound (can't you hear the disappointment in my voice? ;) )

I didn't think it was possible to fall more in love, but we did. (S)he was moving around so much. (S)he was waving and kicking and wiggling as if to say "Hello out there! Hi Mom and Dad!" We saw a hand that actually looked like a hand, and we saw the beginnings of his/her little facial profile, including the little eye sockets and little nose. The doctor just left it on and let us admire him/her for a couple minutes. It was so precious. I really wished we had a video of today's ultrasound. I'm definitely buying a video camera in the next several weeks to take to our big one. He did confirm that I'll have a level 2 ultrasound at 19-20 weeks, which he said will be very detailed and long, so we'll get a nice long view at him/her then, but probably nothing between now and then (unless she decides to cause more drama-no thank you, baby!)

Without further ado: (Head is on right and (s)he is sitting in a reclined position)

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  1. Oh, yeah, all the blood that they take... I was like, "I'm pregnant. Don't I NEED that blood for the baby?" But then, they did a whole slew of tests right off the bat because I didn't even know I was pregnant until 10-12 weeks (my CA and AZ ob/gyns were actually divided on opinion as to how far along I was, which I never quite understood, but it doesn't matter--Naters was healthy and popped out when he was fully cooked), so they apparently had a lot of catching up to do. You are so lucky, being fully aware (planning) of when you got pregnant, so you have enjoyed the whole experience. 11 weeks--We are all so stoked for you!!