Monday, July 12, 2010

11 Weeks!

We've hit 11 weeks. I can't believe it, but we're almost out of the first trimester! Here's what's happening:

Maybe you’ve noticed… your baby is a super-duper grower! Your lil' fetus will be gaining a substantial amount of weight this week and has already achieved fruit-size-status comparable to a plum. What's more, your little scientist is already starting to explore their body, focusing most intently on touching their head, and especially their face and mouth. Their mouth in particular will provide them with hours of entertainment. This happens not only because your baby is gaining coordination, and is therefore able to move a hand on command, but also because their palms have gained sensation and can actually “feel” what it touches. They're also developing their swallow reflex this week. And lastly, your baby's smelling and other olfactory senses will begin developing this week, which when combined with the maturing taste buds, will provide your baby with their first experiences of taste and smell.

I'm feeling better, little by little. I went off the hormones on Saturday, which was a little nerve wracking, but also welcome. I felt so significantly better when the dose was cut in half, that I'm hoping I'll feel that much better again when this gets itself out of my system.

I was with the kids tonight, and the following conversation ensued between Skyler and I. I had a really sour stomach today, and I've found that a little bit of pop soothes it.

Their neighbor lady always lets the kids come over and have candy and pop. This doesn't make their mom very happy and the kids are sick pretty often. She pretty firmly believes that their immunity is tied to their sugar intake, so she's been telling them this week they can't have pop all the time because it will make them sick.

So I picked them up today and Skyler (3) saw that I had a pop. He asked me "Doodah, why you have pop? It makes you sick." (Side note, he calls me Doodah, because one day, he heard my DH say "Dude" and it was just when he was learning to talk, so he repeated the word, and DH said it back, and back and forth, and finally he decided to call DH Dude. So the friends tried to teach him to say "Dudette" for me. But it came out Doodah (as in Zippity). So cute.

Anyway, I told him that I had a baby in my tummy and the baby was making me sick and the pop helped me feel better.

Him: There's a baby in your mouth?
Me: No, there's a baby in my tummy.
Him: There's a baby in your tummy? How did THAT happen?
Me: God put the baby there.
Him: No, I think Lewis did!

Who knew the dog had a day job as the stork. Maybe that's why he's so tired all the time! :D

Fortunately, by then, we were laughing so hard that Skyler became pleased with his own apparent humor, and dropped the subject.


  1. That is hilarious! HAPPY 11 weeks!

  2. Great story! Congratulations on no more hormones and being almost out of the 2nd trimester! Easier breathing should be coming up soon ; ) Even though we trust in God every minute of every day through these pregnancies, it does get better for us on the 'human' side of things the further along we get in the PG! I am so happy for you still!

  3. Kids are too funny! :)

    11 weeks is a GREAT milestone - From what I've heard, miscarriage rates are much lower after 10-11 weeks. I'm so excited that your 2nd trimester is almost here (and praying that my own 1st trimester will begin very soon!).