Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Generosity of Friends

This baby is already SO loved. And I love that so much.

People have been lining up to bless us with their generosity. Between a combination of hand-me-downs and presents, this baby is already sitting pretty!

Mike and Krista have given us boxes and boxes of clothes that their kids have outgrown. They also gave us their Pack-N-Play (and it's a really cute one, too!), bouncer and glider rocker with ottoman. An old friend gave us their bassinet. I hung out with another friend yesterday, who gave us her baby monitor, a white noise machine, and very nice nursing pillow. Still another friend offered us her breast pump when she's done and gave us a huge stash of Tot-Locks (child-proofing locks for cabinet doors). Those are several huge purchases we won't have to make.

We've begun to receive gifts, too! A friend of my mother in law mailed us a beautiful little sleeping gown and picture frame. When we were pregnant before, my sister in law gave us some darling little clothes and a blanket that are still waiting to be used. If baby's a girl, we've got a beautiful dress waiting for it that my mom bought, and another beautiful dress from a blog reader. Another friend has already emailed to say that she and her daughter are going to crochet us a blanket when we know if it's a girl or a boy and still another friend is making us booties. Still another friend made us clips that can make anything at all into a nursing cover. My friend Henrietta crocheted us this adorable little elephant. Isn't it darling?

And my brother and his girlfriend bought us these cute little slippers a long time ago and believed that they'd get to give them to us one day

We're just overwhelmed! We didn't expect any of this and we have been so surprised. While the gifts are nice, what really blesses us is the knowledge that this baby is already loved and prayed for by so many. That's the best gift anyone could give us--thank you so much for knocking our socks off with your generosity of love and spirit!

On a side note, there's a distinct possibility that the heartrate I posted the other day is in fact, my own. Someone listened to it and commented that it's too slow to be a fetal heartrate. Sure enough, when I counted, it was almost 75 bpm less than what the doctor counted two days earlier. I feel a little sheepish!


  1. Dang it! If the W's gave you clothes, that means I can't unload mine on you! :)

    Seriously, you guys are going to be BURIED in baby gifts! I can't wait to see it!!! :)

    So very excited.....

  2. I think after about 12-15 weeks you should be able to pick up the heartbeat with the doppler. Even in the dr's office at 12 weeks it took a bit and then she found it for our baby! Oh I can't wait til you really hear it!! So fun!

    How comforting to know that SO MANY people love this little one!! The generosity of others has amazed us as well! Much love to you!

  3. What a lovely testimony to His love and grace as you move through the early weeks of pregnancy!