Thursday, July 1, 2010

Product Recommendation

Heather mentioned to me that she'd found an inexpensive at-home doppler for listening to the baby's heartbeat. When she told me the price, I couldn't believe the thing would actually work, but she played her baby's heartbeat for me and the recording sounded great.

So, I ordered one. A lot of the reviews I read said that it was a great way for DH to bond with baby, especially this early on, since he won't get to actually feel anything until this is almost halfway over.

So I ordered one. This thing is awesome!

This is the specific product:

I was also prepared for it to not work yet, as I'm only 9.5 weeks along and I'm overweight.

I also bought this gel.

This thing is awesome! My gel got shipped somewhere else by mistake yesterday, so yesterday I just used a gel I had here (the reviews say you can use anything, even water), and it didn't work. But the regular gel came today, I applied it generously, and I was able to find baby's heartbeat, multiple times.

The doppler comes with everything you need, except the gel. It comes with a battery, a set of headphones, a jack to plug it into your computer if you want to record, and two blank mini cds. The doppler has a second jack on it so you can add a second pair of headphones for your DH to listen.

I just downloaded free sound recorder and I was able to record the sound as an mp3.

It was so cool to just hang out today, listening to baby I checked with my doctor and he said it's perfectly safe for use. Heather said the info she found was that it emits about the same amount of waves as an FM radio.

Just thought I'd pass it on in case anyone else was interested! DH and I sat and enjoyed listening to it together and then I was able to send the mp3 to the grandparents.

Here is the recording, if you care. :) Then I sent it to my cell phone so I can take it with me :)


  1. What a WONDERFUL sound to hear before I go to bed :)

  2. :) almost as good as an ultra sound for some reassurance :)

  3. Awesome - Hopefully, I'll be buying one of these soon too! :)

  4. I never had one of those, but it looks fun!