Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update on Arizona Right to Life Endorsement

I posted this update on the Arizona Right to Life endorsement at the end of the previous entry, but I'm also posting it here for those who may not have gone back to check it.

It was announced publicly on May 18 that the Arizona Right to Life PAC endorsed Senator John McCain. I rather wonder that it took them so long to announce this decision, given that it was made nearly a week prior to the announcement. It inclines me to believe that they had misgivings about the decision.

As a result of this endorsement, I you to withdraw any support you may have been giving to Arizona Right to Life, encourage your friends to do the same, and make sure the organization knows why.

As a point of interest, here’s a running list of former associates of Arizona Right to Life who are distancing themselves from the organization over this issue and who have come out publicly in support of Hayworth:
Douglas R. Scott, Jr., former Executive Director
Jay Nenninger, former Executive Director
Shane Wikfors, former Executive Director
David Roney, former Executive Committee Member, Chair of the PAC
Rachel Alexander, former member of the PAC

With regard to the other criticism in my post, about Embryo Adoption, a former coworker pointed out to me that on the issue of Embryo Adoption, I should not want my fellow pro-life laborers to depart from their Catholic positions to do their jobs. Of course not and I don’t intend to communicate that. My apologies if I did. But those persons put in conflict should either then change the mission statement of their organization to omit the reference to “non denominational” or they should resign from their positions if they cannot be both good Catholics and good pro-lifers. Considering that most of their objections are not even life issues (the Catholic church makes references to surrogacy, the dignity of the embryo, the baby’s right to be born to genetically related persons, etc), those arguments should be completely left out of decisions that the organization makes.

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