Thursday, August 4, 2011

So cool of God

I've been marveling lately about some really precious gifts that have been given to our family. They're not of any earthly value or even really eternal significance. However, God gave them to us anyway. We marvel at His love, generosity, and attention to even the smallest details.

My husband has the most beautiful blue eyes. I just love them. One thing I wrote back in 2007 was that I was really missing the opportunity to have a baby with my husband's eyes and my grandma's smile. Of course those things don't matter in an eternal world, but I think everyone sort of dreams of having a child who looks like him or herself. Beau has brown eyes, and Sheila has hazel eyes. All three of their kids have dark eyes. But guess who has the most beautiful blue eyes, just like his daddy?

Sheila said that his eyes are bluer than her kids' ever were so it appears that his are more than the "all babies are born with blue eyes" eyes. Sheila's Aunts and Uncles are all blue eyed, so he does have a genetic chance of staying blue. We just love that our boys share that, even if they don't genetically share it.

My boys even have the same hairline. Rounded on the front, a little receding, sort of pinned back at the temples. Matthew has started out bald, and it looks like he'll end up there too, like his daddy will. And they both have cherry cheeks and button chins :)

With all due respect to my mother in law, she'll be the first to tell you that she has really wide feet. And her first four toes are all almost the same length as each other. Guess who has fat little feet with equi-length toes, too? Todd didn't even get his mom's feet, but Matthew did.

Even Sheila has remarked more than once that she thinks Matthew looks more like us (well, Todd namely) than he does them. At first it was weird for strangers in public to tell me that Matthew looks like us. I felt like accepting their comment without explanation was being dishonest. But now, I just accept it with a smile. I love hearing it. Matthew really does look like Todd, all genetic odds be tossed aside.

I wouldn't have cared if Matthew looked like the man in the moon. I gave up a child looking like us a very long time ago and if Matthew shared nothing at all in common with us, it wouldn't make me love him any less. And if he looked completely like a little carbon copy of us, it wouldn't make me love him any more. But the fact that God gave us these little tidbits is just so special. It's special because it demonstrates to us God's great love for us. He pays attention to even the smallest details, the most insignificant of dreams. 7 years after we started trying, and 5 years after I first blogged about the blue eyed baby of my dreams, God says "Hey, I was listening. 5 years ago, when your heart was breaking and your eyes were spilling over, I was listening. I've showed that to you many times, and now, I'm showing you again."

I just think it's really neat.

PS: I have some potentially really exciting news to share but I need to wait for more confirmation. Please pray over what could possibly be a super cool opportunity to share more about Embryo Adoption.


  1. I have noticed that M. is looking more and more like you guys! It's awesome how adopted little ones do that, just like S. is the spitting image of M. You have a super-adorable little one on your hands! I can't wait to see how much he's grown!!

  2. "God says "Hey, I was listening. 5 years ago, when you're heart was breaking and your eyes were spilling over, I was listening. I've showed that to you many times, and now, I'm showing you again." I have asked for prayers of courage for me as I approach this next transfer. Reading things like this are EXACTLY what I need. Thank you, Jen. Coincidence, I think NOT!

  3. I've always thought Matthew looks like your biological child but didn't know how you'd take it. He's a handsome little guy! What a neat gift to have Todd's eye color :).

  4. Oh Jen, what a beautiful post! Matthew does look like his Daddy! Isn't God amazing? I love that Sheila can give you inside information about family traits too. A BEAUTIFUL story all the way around!

  5. Jen- I totally understand the sweetness of what you are describing. My daughter's genetic sibling has sparkling blue eyes. The two girls look soooo much alike, except that our little lovie has dark brown eyes, just like me. I wouldn't love her any less no matter what her eye color, but those beautiful eyes remind me that God wove her together for our family.

  6. Those do not look like the generic baby eyes blue. Those definitely look like I'm gonna stay super blue, blue eyes! Precious!

  7. God is so kind to His children, isn't He?! :)

  8. Yay- I can finally comment again! I wanted to come back and find this post because we get comments all the time about Kaylee looking like us. I think it's all part of God's plan. These children were intended to be ours from the very beginning- why shouldn't they look like us?? Very cool!