Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Matthew Monday (7 Months)

I have finally remembered what I wanted to write about, but it comes with several other things I wanted to write about too. I'm going to try to remember to write all the posts in the next few days.

But we'll start with Matthew Monday! Today, my Matthew-man turned 7 months old.

I think this is my favorite picture of the bunch because this is his personality right now--roaring (rawring!), singing, howling, growling, yelling...

Here's his cute little smile

And here is when he decided to lean forward and come get me (or the camera, really)

Weight: Still flirting with 18 pounds. He teeters within an ounce or two on either side of it, depending on if it's before or after a feeding or a full diaper. This puts him between 25-50% for weight.

Length: 28.5", according to our best home measurement, putting him between 75-90%.

Skills: Rolling all over the place, jumping in his jumperoo (he now tries to bounce in place if you help him stand up--it's really cute), singing, blowing bubbles--mostly the same skills as last month, but more deliberate and precise now. I can't think of anything new he's done. Oh wait, yes! SLEEP! The boy FINALLY sleeps. He consistently sleeps about 9 hours from bedtime until an early morning feed, and then he goes down again after eating, for another 2-3 hours. Then he takes 2 decent naps per day. The boy thrives on routine, and it's good for mama, too. My biggest struggle now is getting my own body to fall asleep. Insomnia often keeps me up until about 2:00am, and then he wants to feed between 4:30 and 5:00. So though HE'S sleeping, my body still feels like I have a newborn because it's rare that I sleep more than 3 consecutive hours. So, I'd love your prayers for that. But, I digress....Hmmmm. Oh! He does this cute little boot scoot boogie on his tummy, but he will only go backwards. He can't scoot forward. It's super cute, though. Oh! And as I write this, I do remember his new "big" skill. SITTING UP! I'm learning that he takes a while to attempt or show any interest in a new skill, but then he learns it all at once. He did that with rolling over. He learned to roll over one way. Several days later, he learned to roll over the other way, and roll across the room in the same day. It's the same with sitting up. He went from barely being able to keep from toppling over to being able to sit up indefinitely in the period of about a week, literally.

Likes: Again, mostly the same as before

Dislikes: We're developing a little bit of separation anxiety. It's not too terrible yet.

Disposition: Still very curious, generally very happy.

Here are the rest of his professional 6 month pictures. I was waiting to post them until his grandparents got them so that they'd be a surprise for them.

We FINALLY got a family picture of him smiling. I look crazy and my hair is a mess, but I don't care--he's smiling! And bonus, it's still his darling little toothless-wonder smile that I love so much!

And his "official" (original) 6 month picture (before the re-takes, which are what are shown above

Ok, that's all for this post. More soon!


  1. What a darling!! He gets cuter all the time. :)

  2. He's just too cute! Love the Rawr!

    P.S. I ordered the amber necklace and will let you know if it helped me too!

  3. He is so adorable! Glad he's sleeping better!