Monday, August 8, 2011

With Apologies to the Mommy Bloggers

It appears that my train of thought was not as on track at 2:00am as I thought it was, for it seems I completely derailed and conveyed an attitude of criticism of the Mommy Bloggers, when that was the farthest idea from my point. After all, *I* am a mommy blogger. I enjoy reading many mommy blogs.

Though I am secretly sort of envious of the fact that many of them can somehow manage to be simultaneously professional photographers, master chefs, accomplished seamstresses, Martha Stewart's more talented dopplegangers, fitness gurus, housekeepers who put Adrian Monk to shame, published authors, and experts on parenting and marriage, mommy bloggers are not the problem. When we compare ourselves to them, look to them for our answers, and use them as our measuring stick is when we fall into trouble. As my friend Jess pointed out, it's natural to want to highlight your successes and minimize the public display of your failures. I actually think the blogs are quite enterprising of these women, and as I said, I am in awe that they can be so multi-talented.

I just know that I personally have to be careful to avoid comparing myself to them and assuming that their solutions will work in our family. I need to concentrate on discovering God's best for our family. I have to tell myself that it may appear that they have it all figured out, but I know they're muddling through this just like I am. That was my point. My apologies to the mommy bloggers. Keep at what you're doing! :)


  1. Hee hee, Adrian Monk. :D I think you were on track, Jen, just tired. I think any woman who's been on the internet very long has had to fight frustration at one perfect blog or another. And I think that the conclusion you reached in your ramblings was right on - so the thinking-out-loud-in-writing worked. And I think it's cool to make clarifications - I never manage a blog post without a clarification later, or a parenthetical statement or two.

    Or, you know, twelve.

  2. I loved reading your thinking-out-loud writing. Your feelings are shared by many a mommy! We do often get caught up in putting our best spell-checked-photo-shopped foot forward, and we forget all the struggles of learning this thing called motherhood! Boy, I am really thankful for grace...first from God, then from my family. Letting go of the "ideal" takes daily work. The sisterhood of motherhood should be a soft spot to land when we are at our wits end...sometimes it is a briar patch, but we all have our thorny spots. You are doing a wonderful job, and I always look forward to reading your posts.

  3. I didn't think you were anti-mommy blogger at all. It is the comparing that totally is the problem because we are so delighted when we find the perfect solution for our child or our family and undoubtedly there is some other child that might also work great for, but as you well know children are like snowflakes and our delightful solution might not even work for our next child, never mind a strangers child. Also, things also look better from farther away. I was reminded again today of the importance of incarnational relationships.

    By the way, you are one of those super-de-duper awesome mommy bloggers that often make me think, 'How on earth does she do that?" Not that I think you are pretentious in any way, I just don't want you to do yourself a disservice.

    have a great day!