Monday, August 15, 2011

I totally had something I wanted to say

But I've completely forgotten what it was. Mommy brain has made me more scatterbrained than I was when left to my own devices, which was bad enough on its own.

So, until I remember, here's my little darling, playing with his best buddy, Lewis. Playing with Lewis is the only time we hear those big cackles.

And, look what we have learned to do!

The first time he actually did it was AT the photographer studio, so we actually got it on camera. His balance was way off, though, naturally. So cute!

But I really wanted to get a picture of him smiling. So, the next week when we were in picking up those pictures, the studio was totally empty, so I asked the photographer if she had time to shoot a few more. She did, and look what we got!

And when I saw this one, I nearly cried. Look how OLD he looks!

Ok, that's all I have for now, until I remember what it is I was going to say! Peace out! :)

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