Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you all for being so supportive! Telling my birth-story was very difficult and I appreciate how supportive you all have been. I've gone through and read all of your comments many, many times this week when I've needed to refocus my thoughts and take captive my heart again.

It's not that I'm so Type-A that what upsets me is that I deviated from "my plan." I get that plans change. It's just that you make a plan according to what you think is best for you and your baby-for whatever reasons. The things I wanted were because I thought they'd be best for me and for Matthew. So it's been hard to accept that I felt like Matthew got second-best because my body couldn't do its job correctly. I realize now that those things were NOT second-best, but at the time, in the heat of the moment, and even now in really emotional times, it's hard to remember that. So I just have to keep speaking truth, keep reading the truth, and rest. You guys have provided me with such encouragement--I really, really appreciate it.

My mom goes home and DH goes back to work tomorrow. I'm a little overwhelmed at being on my own because I'm still so tired, and my physical mobility is still restricted. My mother in law is coming to help, so I won't be on my own all day, but I'm still overwhelmed to think about it. I just didn't realize it was possible to be this tired! Moms really are superheroes.

Matthew continues to be the cutest baby on the planet. We're slowly learning his habits and cues and routines and falling more in love with him every day. It's a pretty swell job to be mommy to the cutest baby in the world!

Nighty night--he's like every other baby in the world in that he sleeps in the day and is up at night, so I'm going to try to sneak in a few winks before he starts his nightly party!

Thank you again dear friends. Love you!


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful, beautiful baby boy, you did a great job! Welcome to the ranks of being a boy mama, it's awesome!

  2. Could he get any cuter? Yes, exhaustion is extreme isn't it? Your body is healing in so many ways. With baby#1 it is true & do-able, sleep/rest when the baby rests! I think I was in my PJs for weeks and that is a-okay if you do the same! Thank you for taking a minute to post pics so we can goo-goo over your precious baby! He is a charmer : )

  3. Thank you for sharing your birth story. As I approach giving birth several months from now I have some fears and anxiety. I doesn’t help that I have several friends with seemingly perfect birth stories. It’s comforting to hear a candid account and to be reminded that even if things don’t go according to OUR plan, that if I trust in GOD’s plan he’ll see me and my little one though it.

    Congratulations. He’s just perfect!