Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Recommendations

I've only had Matthew for 10 days, so take these recommendations with a grain of salt, but I thought I'd pass on a few things I've learned.

First, from my packing list for the labor and post-partum bags.

This was my original list:
Birthing Tub with pump
Cord Blood Kit
Birthing Ball (hospital said to bring your own because they don't have enough)
Camera with extra memory, and battery charger
Massage Aides with extra batteries
Cell Charger
Corn Bag (bag full of corn kernels-you microwave the whole thing for heat)
Scriptures and scotch tape
Warm Socks (I hate cold feet!)
Flip Flops for Shower
Bra/Bikini Top to labor in
Bathing Suit for DH
Ipod with charger and little speaker
Baby Book to stamp his footprints and handprints in
My pillow
Water bottle
Battery operated fan (I'm always hot!)
Disposable camera
ETA: Snacks (I had this on my list but forgot to type it)

For post-partum I have:
My meds, DH's meds
My own pjs, undergarments, etc
PJs and change of clothes for DH
Clothes for Matthew
Going home clothes for me and Matthew
Scrapbook paper for hospital visitors to sign
Receiving blanket
Phone numbers to call (in case we forget our cells)

DH originally laughed at me, but you know what, I used almost everything on my lists. The only things I didn't use were the Tucks because I had a CSection, and a water bottle because the hospital gave me a water mug. I also didn't use flip flops for the shower because I was too tired to care! But I used everything else!

However, the most useful things were these things--so if you have to limit your stuff, these are my top picks!
*Depends--SO much better than the hospital underwear and pads!
*My tub--check and see if your hospital allows you to labor in water-we just brought our own inflatable kiddie pool and put it in the hospital bathroom
*My own robe-so nice for walking around and not having to worry about jerry-rigging two hospital gowns together
*My own pillow and blanket (not on my original list but mom went home and fetched them for me)

The only thing I wished I had and didn't was something to smell in labor, especially if you're prone to vomiting. Some of the instruments, medications, sterilizing solutions, etc can really stink and several times, their smells caused me to be sick. I would have loved to have something to smell like a candle or an oil or lotion or something to mask the odors. I also would have paid $100 for a piece of sandpaper or something else to scratch itches with. The epidural made me so itchy all over and DH (like most men, I imagine!) keeps his nails short so while he offered to help me, he couldn't help that particular issue. So, bring something like a back scratcher or something just in case.

Now, there are two things I've picked up as a mommy since his birth:

The Itzbeen Baby Timer. It times the intervals at which you change diapers, feed the baby, the length of nap, and a 4th thing of your choosing that you want to time--I use it right now to time the frequency at which I take my pain meds. It also has an indicator to keep track of which side you nursed on last. This little gizmo is so handy, especially in the middle of the night when I'm tired--I just hit the little button and then I don't need to really be alert!

The other thing is a

Milkies Milk Saver

You slip it in your bra to catch extra milk for when you're leaking. I guess you could wear it all the time--for me, I just use it on the opposite side when I'm nursing--I can catch more than an ounce from just leaking! It's definitely nice to be able to preserve that milk rather than watch it go to waste in a breast pad!

My little man is currently passed out on my chest and I'm loving it :) We're off to go to bed now because we're still trying to get our nights and days straightened out. My hormones seem to be stabilizing. I haven't burst into tears in two days ;) My mom went home on Monday and my mother in law has been here the last 3 days to help--tomorrow we're on our own 100% of the time for the first time--hopefully we do well. It's been so nice to have their help and it's helped me get out from under feeling quite so overwhelmed and exhausted. I'm a bit afraid of tomorrow, but less afraid than I was a few days ago. They've been such a blessing to me. So, we'll see how we do tomorrow!

We got some pictures done yesterday at Penneys:

FYI, here's a coupon you can print--free sitting fees for everyone (not just one person like on their regular coupons) and $3.99 per photo sheet. Link. Enjoy!

It was freezing in Phoenix today--literally! We had to go to the hospital to get his PKU test done so we bundled up and headed out. I love this little pout on his face. He was mad at being put in his jacket. Isn't he just the cutest thing?

That's all I've got for tonight! We're off to bed! Goodnight!


  1. Your baby is SO adorable! I love the pics!

    Thanks for the list, too. It's so nice to know what other people used/didn't use, etc. I'm hoping that I get to make my own list before too long!

  2. Wow! What amazing pictures!!! And I love your list - I am definitely going to post this list!!!

    I am amazed at your milk production - I have never leaked one drop, for any reason! Wow! If you end up with a freezer full of milk that you can't use (like I did when pumping), there is a new milk-sharing group that you can use to find a recipient (I did this when my milk was shy of expiring in the freezer).

    I miss you! Enjoy baby!!!

  3. Dear Jen,
    Hi Jen, my name is Belinda and I have been reading your blog for quite a long time (sorry I haven't commented). I have been praying for you for a few years and I am so thankful that God has answered so many of our prayers with your precious Matthew. He is too adorable! Praise God. I am praying that you continue to feel better and better.
    love Belinda

  4. Great pictures, hope everything is going well!

  5. Yes, yes, yes, he's as cute as can be!

    And that timer is cool!

  6. GREAT ideas for the hospital! I don't remember the "itchy" issue, funny! Which surprises me since I'm always itchy IRL! So glad you got pics. We never got any when Amelia was an infant (other than the reg. camera) because we assumed we'd have to pay tons of money for them. We shoulda just gone to Sears and gone the inexpensive route. Oh well! Yours are adorable, and Michael, oh, he is so precious! Little do those photographers know your incredible story!