Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moving things along!

I had another doctor's appointment today. I told him about the couple of episodes I've had with the back labor and he said he wanted to check me. I was curious myself, so I consented. I think at first he expected to find me closed up tight, having misread or misunderstood those episodes, or mistaken them for Braxton Hicks, or whatever. He did a check and he sounded surprised and said "Wow! You're dilated. You're 4cm and 75% effaced! It sounds like those episodes really were the real thing!"

I know that 4cm doesn't tell me anything about when active labor is actually coming. I know that I could be at 4cm for weeks (I hope not!). But I was pleased to know that 1)No matter when labor happens, 4cm or the work is already done 2)I did correctly understand and identify what was happening, and 3) I made it through those episodes ok, so now knowing that WAS a shadow of the real thing, I feel a lot less scared/overwhelmed/unenlightened and 4)those two horrible episodes were not for nothing! So, we'll see. I'm increasingly uncomfortable every day and my chiropractor said that when he adjusted me today, he could feel/see that my hips/pelvis were all just different-things were lower, looser, and opening up! We'll see!

We got some maternity pictures done the other day. I think they turned out pretty cute!

We did others, but I think those are my favs.

A family friend that DH grew up knowing is throwing us a baby shower on Saturday! Hopefully Matthew won't decide to come AT the party--that would be something! The party is quite far from our hospital so that makes me a teensy bit nervous given how far things seem to be progressing, but other than that I'm looking forward to it! It should be a nice day. What's really incredible is that I don't even know many of the attendees. They are friends of my mother in law, and through her they've followed our story and prayed for us for many years. We and Baby Matthew are so blessed with so many wonderful, generous people in our lives!

I go to the gym pool every night and find that I don't want to come out, ever! I squat, I walk, I swim, I float (face down is super fun-only time I can be on my tummy!), I do this funny crab walk thing, and then I hang on the side of the pool and DH folds my legs back up over my head for a deep stretch--it's heaven! If you're having trouble with your back in pregnancy, see if you can find access to a pool--it's seriously the best hour or two of my day!

Anyway, gotta scoot! I'm pooped. Don't know how many more times I'll check in before he's here! Bye!


  1. You make me smile!

    Have a great week and try not to worry to much :)

  2. 4cm!?!?!? Girl, I do NOT even get to 4cm until I am WELL into labor! What a head start you have! I pray the final 6 are just as quick! Thinking of you so much! p.s. Has the Dr. given you a weight estimate on what he thinks the baby might weigh? just curious!

  3. Wow, that's great! Hope the rest of it is just as easy!

  4. Lovely pictures and you look just wonderful. So glad you are recognizing all the signs of impending birth, and I wish you a peaceful and joyfilled time as you await Matthew.

  5. EEEEEEEE!!!!! That is so good to hear! 4cm? Wow, you are ready!

  6. Wow, 4 cm is great! Things are moving right along.