Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Back Labor: I never wanted to meet you, ever. Move along.

Dear Back Labor:

Your reputation precedes you. I've heard that you're the most nasty, unrelenting, unapologetic nemesis of the laboring woman. I've heard you're a jerk, and frankly, I just don't like jerks in my life! I made up my mind that I never wanted to meet you. I pulled in the welcome mat, and was determined to be as standoffish to you as possible, hoping you'd decide I was too rude to you to make your acquaintance, and you'd move along.

You didn't get the memo! You decided to introduce yourself to me last night, and you know what, you ARE the jerk everyone says you are. So I'm telling you quite plainly, BUZZ OFF! I met you last night, I never want to encounter you again! Mmmkay? Thanks.

Matthew's Mommy

Whoooooboy was last night eventful. DH and I were sitting and watching a movie, and suddenly I sat straight up with the most intense back pain I've ever had in my life. It started square on my tailbone, and radiated a little up and down and then around my front like a belt and then like squeezed me together. I had weird cramps and spasms and overall pain. Then my front would contract forward. I'd be like this for several minutes and then the pain would shift to a dull ache until the next wave. I got a chance to put in to practice all the stuff I've been learning in class--I don't think I've ever been in so many creative positions as I was last night. I was on all fours, I was doing pelvic tilts, I was pacing the house, I was in the fetal position, I was in the shower, in the bath, over the birthing ball--anything to get a little relief. Poor DH was pulling out every massage aide and technique we know. This went on for many hours and the longer it lasted, the more I was thinking that this could actually be it. I talked to the doula, and she said that since they weren't increasing in intensity of frequency (goodness, could they get more intense than that??), it was probably just practice/preparation. This was DEFINITELY a dress rehearsal! YIKES! Am I really ready for this? All I kept thinking was "I'm not ready, I'm not ready!" Do you EVER feel ready?

I knew about Braxton Hicks and about false/practice labor. I DIDN'T know that you could have practice back labor! How NOT fun was THAT!

Things finally calmed down enough for me to fall asleep in the recliner on a heating pad but then about an hour later I woke up. The power in our house is really weird. It's been doing this thing where it just goes out in the middle of the night. (It's ALWAYS at night). Usually it comes back on right away which is super fun because it turns on all the devices and lights with it. Last night it went out and stayed out. Once the heating pad cooled off, I woke up. I had to wake DH because I don't know how to mess with the breaker and stuff. Poor thing was out there at 3 in the morning, trying to get it to come on. He tried again and again but it would flip out again immediately. But for some reason, part of our garage retained power. So then he's digging around in the middle of the night for extension cords to run from that outlet to our fridge and freezer, and then he ran one back to the back of the house to our room for my heating pad. Some time in the middle of the night things came back on (hence my ability to blog) but our poor house looks so sad right now! Thankfully, our neighbor is an electrician so he's going to come help us tonight and see if we can't figure out what's going on. We're really praying it's something small and inexpensive to fix but we also know our home is 40 years old with mostly original wiring, so it would be reasonable for this to be a major problem, too.

Not a lot of news on DH. The best they can figure is that he has viral bronchitis. They're going to re-run his bloodwork next week to see if anything has developed but that's their best guess. The bloodwork did say he was recently exposed to Legionella Pneumonia but recently could be a week ago or a year ago. One suspicion is that's what he had at the beginning of December, and then with his weakened immune system, he caught some kind of virus. Because it's a virus, it's impervious to antibiotics. So they've just told him to try to sleep/drown it out and he can't really go anywhere because they said his immune system is too weak to be out in public and risk catching something else. Poor guy is going stir crazy--tomorrow will be exactly 1 month since he first got sick! So we'd love your prayers for quick healing for him. I really really want him to be better before Matthew comes.

All the activity seemed to die down around 5:00 this morning and there's been no further labor-activity. Now my body is just tired and sore in a "what in the world just happened to me??" sort of way. So we're just taking it easy today and trying to rest a little. I may pack my hospital bag today too, just in case ;) I was just at the doctor yesterday--we're opting not to do cervical checks but we did spend time on the monitor yesterday and they did another ultrasound to check fluid levels (heart rate, fluid, and position were all fine!) Doc said he saw no indication of baby going anywhere soon....but last night sure made me think differently!

Anyway, that's the excitement from this end of the world!


  1. Eww, no fun! But you're so close! I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little boy! Hope your hubby gets well soon.

  2. Wow, interesting! Practice back labor! Hope that's a one-time thing! But you've convinced me.... If we're ever blessed with another, I am DEFINITELY signing up for a Bradley/Brio class! I am super-impressed with everything you just wrote! Wow!!!

    See you tomorrow! :)

    p.s. And I am SUPER-impressed that your doc didn't insist on cervical checks - that's awesome!

  3. Back labor is no fun, I had it for three days non stop before I had Nanner. It was awful.I sure hope that is all you get of it.You are so close, anytime now momma.So excited for you.((hugs)) -Megan

  4. Back labor is what I had with #1. It IS AWFUL! I would get in our bathtub and let the jets POUND on that area. I am so sorry and I will pray Matthew moves his head around for you. We will be praying for DH to regain his health and strength in the days and weeks to come.

  5. No, you will never feel ready. But when the time comes you will do what you need to do, and the LORD will be with you. Take heart: at the end of it you will hold your precious Matthew!

  6. I don't think anyone is ever "ready" for labor. But when it happens, you find out that you're much, much stronger than you ever thought!

    Check out to learn about fetal positions, how they affect labor, and how to encourage Matthew to move. :)

  7. I hope he stays put for a few more days at least--every day closer to 37 weeks is that much less of a chance of having breathing troubles! I also hope he changes positions so that you won't have to endure anymore of the back labor!

  8. Wow! So sorry for the back labor, but this means you are so close!!! It seems that it was not long ago that we were cheering on you BFP!!!

  9. Yay - you're so close! (not yay, for the back labor, though - hoping and praying that Matthew turns around before you go into active labor)
    But - wow - you'll be holding your baby boy in a few short weeks!

  10. WOW, I had no idea you could have practice back labor...OUCH. So sorry you had such a rough night...aren't you glad you a) have a doula and b) took the Bradley classes to aid you!

    Don't worry, you're ready. I was terrified for labor to start (Bradley classes and all)-I guess it was fear of the unknown. For almost 24 hours I labored bent into a 90 degree position over the bed, as that was the ONLY comfortable position :) Also, don't be afraid of guttural groaning, it does a world of good. You're going to be amazing at this labor thing! You have an amazing husband by your side and a doula, AND 12 weeks of classes- a girl couldn't ask for anything more.

    Praying for health, more incubating without back labor and lots of excitement, joy, and relaxation for these last weeks!


  11. OUCH! Never had it thankfully and YES, I WAS READY LOL!

  12. Yeah, back labour usually means baby is in a posterior (ie the wrong) position...I know, Simon was birthed posterior...but it was better than how he started: breech. Have you been taylor sitting? Also, something my midwife told me at my last visit was whenever you are sitting in a chair/on the couch lean forward with your belly over the void and let gravity help pull the baby down and around into the "right" position. Here is hoping, for both of us!!