Monday, July 7, 2008

Blood Test Results

Woohoo! Everything for both of us came back normal. We were slightly concerned about DH's cholesterol because our life insurance agent told him their test gave them a high number. But this test said the number was fine!

We were also concerned about my Glucose and Insulin levels. Glucose was normal. Insulin was "slightly" elevated, which is normal with PCOS + Insulin resistance. I'll be calling her after their lunch break to see how high it is.

But everything else is normal! Oh, and now I know my blood-type, which I've never known before.

Woohoo! Another check box cleared!


  1. Yay! Hooray for one more box checked off!

    btw, blood type can actually be important in pregnancy if you're Rh negative (I am). There's something called Rh diease that can come into play if you're Rh negative and your child is Rh positive. They have a shot for it now, thank God! I'm pretty sure my grandma lost several babies to it back before they had Rhogam. I'm really grateful for it because it turned out that three of our kids are Rh positive.

  2. Awesome news - keep the good news coming!!! (I started checking out the babies r us idea - great suggestion)

  3. Hurray!!!! That's great!! I'm so glad to see you guys chopping down your to-do list! I've never seen someone work so quickly through this process. Although, come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever watched anyone do this process!!! Okay, scratch all of that and just celebrate - no more blood tests! Congrats!

  4. It's wonderful that you have gone through the process so quickly, as diana notes. Congratulations, soon you will be able to buy the children you cannot make yourself!

  5. Congratulations on normal blood work! It's very exciting to be checking things off of what was once a VERY LONG to-do list.

  6. Audrey-thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I don't know if you meant it that way, but I was offended by your use of the language "buy our children." We are not buying our kids and I hope no one ever says that to them. We've made an investment in our own education to be better parents, better fit to meet their needs, and we've paid the agency for their services of facilitating the legal paperwork, but we absolutely did not pay the agency, the parents or anyone else for our children. I'd encourage you to refrain from referring to any kind of adoption in that way.

    Thanks to everyone else for your congrats