Friday, September 9, 2011

Another cool thing

I took Matthew to a new pediatrician yesterday. The old one was really giving me a hard time about Matthew's weight (he dropped from the 90% down to the 10-25%). I was working on getting my supply up, we weren't having the evening fussy/hunger issues anymore, the baby's color and mood is fine, he sleeps well, and he's on track developmentally, so I just wasn't willing to increase his solids and/or start him on formula, which is what the doctor was really aggressively pushing. As it is, it's a total workout for him to digest one solid foods meal per day, and not to be gross, but it comes out looking largely the same way it did when it went in, meaning he's not digesting a whole lot of it. Why would I give him more or something his body clearly isn't ready to process yet, and which he's very obviously not hugely benefiting from? Plus, when we did give him solids more than once a day, he was just miserable. I got tired of fighting with this pediatrician over it. Between that and the hassle he gives us about our beliefs on certain vaccines, I was finally done. I'd been done for a long time, but hadn't found a good alternative yet.

The LC I met with recommended one as being particularly supportive of breastfeeding, and open to alternate vaccine schedules. So yesterday, we went to visit him. He said that Matthew's weight is worth watching (it's not so much how much he weighs as how drastically his growth slowed-some plateau is normal but Matthew's has been pretty severe), but that he's not very concerned about it. He completely supports our decision to keep breast milk Matthew's primary nutrition right now, and said that we don't need to worry unless he's still struggling to put on weight at 9-12 months. He does want us to move toward more solids by a year old, but that's what we planned to do anyway. He was also completely supportive of the things we discussed with him regarding vaccines. I really think he's going to be a good fit for us! What a huge answer to prayer. I haven't liked our old pediatrician ever, but we found him really late in the game with my pregnancy (too late to find someone else-if I recall correctly, I delivered Matthew a week later), and DH did like him, so we've stuck with him. But I grew increasingly frustrated with him and it wasn't hugely important to DH that we stay with that guy, so I am glad to have found someone better! Praise God!

But the really cool thing is along the lines of this post. DH is 6'4". I am 6'2". The genetic parents are 5'2 and 5'9--in her words, "stumps." Their kids are petite, too. Matthew measured in the 95% for height yesterday! Isn't that just so stinkin cool? We think so...


  1. I can't see the end of the last sentence! What is the really cool thing? :)

  2. How awesome!! I'm so glad you found a new ped! That's so exciting.

    I only had one appointment with that GI specialist who was very unpleasant about the fact that G. (at 17 mos.) was STILL breastfeeding, but it was so disheartening, especially as she was pushing formula really hard at the same time.... so I have experienced how awful it is to be under the care of that kind of doc. Thankfully she never called us back, so we didn't go back to see her - and now, if she called us, I would be able to say "no thanks!". There's nothing worse than unsupportive or undermining doctors.

    I'm so glad you've found a good one! That is wonderful news!!

    p.s. That oatmeal cake is not just good.... it's ADDICTIVE!!!! Thanks!! :)