Friday, September 23, 2011

A Matthew by Any Other Name

I've been wanting to record some of the nicknames we have for Matthew so that I don't forget them :) So, here they are. Enjoy, or if not, I'll just consult this post for my own purposes later :)

In no particular order:
Hippo (as in "Hungry Hungry Hippo") --this was what we commonly called him when he was very little and ate all the time. It had nothing to do with his size-we weren't calling him fat :P

Matthewsaurus -this is what we call him now. I'm also Mommysaurus and DH is Daddysaurus. Not sure exactly where it came from, but I like all things little boy for him--cars, monsters (cute ones), dinosaurs, jungle animals, etc, so I think it came out of that. And maybe the fact that he has gigantic feet. Seriously. His little friend at church is 2 years old, but guess whose feet are larger?!

Grumpysaurus-when he's cranky ;)

Sweetie-pea--usually when we're snuggling

Little dude- his daddy is "dude" (named by our friends' kids) so it's only fitting that he is "little dude."

Cutest baby in the whole wide world--well, because he is!

Monster-he was really into roaring for a while so I called him my little monster. Not like a big scary monster, but like a cute little furry one.

Matthew-man--when he does big boy things

Babyface-another one with an unknown origin

Napoleon-this was short lived. We used it when he was really being bad about sleeping. I was sleep deprived, and I called him my little tyrant, so Todd called him Napoleon. It sounds terrible, but it added levity when I thought I would lose my mind from sleep deprivation. Besides, he was a cute little tyrant. ;)

Oddly enough, we never call him Matt, or Matty, or any other shortened version of Matthew. My mom calls him "M" for some reason, and another friend calls him Matty. But when we use his actual name, it's always "Matthew." I'm not even adverse to "Matt" --in fact, when choosing names, we specifically only considered ones that we liked both the full and shortened versions of. But for some reason, at least right now, "Matt" just doesn't fit.

I know there are others that I've already forgotten. If you know me IRL and remember any others, please let me know!


  1. Jacob was about 18lbs and 50th percentile for weight at 9 months according out our doctor. Stange.