Friday, September 23, 2011

8 Months

Matthewsaurus turned 8 months old yesterday!

Weight: 18lb, 1.5oz, putting him at 10-25% for weight.

Length: I'm not sure. We tried to measure him 3 times and got 28.5 and 29". But I watched the nurse measure him twice at the doctor's office last month, and she got 29.25" both times. So who knows. We are apparently measuring-defective.

Milestones: He now has *2* teeth! His second poked through on September 12th, again after one of his naps.

Likes: He's loving "real" food. He growls constantly at feeding time, as if to say "Faster, momma!" He's so enthusiastic about it, but kind of pushy, too. I'm trying to revel in its cuteness, and also keep it under control. My little dude has always been impatient about eating so this is par for the course. His favorites are mangoes and pineapples. Pineapples really surprised me because they're so acidic. But he goes nuts for them. Pears come in a close second. He also loves the pool and bath time. He loves to splash in the water. He's too big for his sink bathtub, so he and daddy take big boy baths now and they both love it. He still loves to bounce. And he LOVES the baby in the mirror. That baby is SOOO cute! Every time he sees that guy, he squeals and laughs and tries to touch and kiss the baby. He loves other babies, too. A few weeks ago at church, he was playing with another baby. The baby started to roll away, so Matthew grabbed him and rolled him back. Tonight we were at a party and he kept trying to hold hands with his little friend there. So cute!

Dislikes: Green beans. Pumpkin. Banana (did you ever meet a kid who didn't like banana?! I'm the only one I knew who didn't like banana as a kid). Car rides. Naptime. Being still. The usual stuff a busy little boy can't be bothered with.

Current Disposition: Busy! Busy! Busy! And impatient, to boot!

Working on: He is starting to pull himself around on the floor. He can push himself up on his hands and get his body from his head down to his knees off the ground. But then he gets annoyed that that doesn't actually help him get anywhere and he gets back down and rolls. He once in a while gets on his knees and does this funny little rock back and forth thing but that's about all the interest he's showed in crawling. He's just too impatient for it. It's so much faster to roll, why would he slow down to try to crawl?

So, that's my busy little dude!
Here are some pics!