Monday, October 4, 2010

Continued Prayer

Hi friends,

My heart is both burdened and elated today as I bring you some updates on the petitions I asked you to join me in laying before the Lord.

1. Sweet Baby Ewan has gone home to the arms of Jesus at 16 days of age. He developed an infection and his little body couldn't fight anymore. Please pray for his parents as they celebrate his life and mourn their loss.

2. Ashley and Jennifer have been asked by God to say goodbye to their precious little Snowflakes, who were all born straight to Heaven. Please pray too for them as they grieve. This particular kind of grief is so hard because it's so invisible to the rest of the world and there are no tangible things to hold on, but they are, regardless, parents who have lost their babies. Sweet sisters, know that because of your sacrifice, your babies are out of frozen limbo and in the arms of Jesus. You gave them such a precious gift.

3. Lisa and Em both received the wonderful news that their little snowflakes are burrowing deep inside. Please pray that God would continue to grow these little babies and allow their moms and dads to meet them in 9 months.

4. Lacie's snowflakes will be thawed tomorrow in preparation for her transfer on Wednesday. Please pray that the babies survive the thaw, and for the embryologist as she cares for them.

5. Shannon would love your continued prayers that their path would be made clear and smooth so that they can proceed with bringing their snowflakes home soon.

I have more to post, and will try to do so tonight so I'd love it if you'd check back later, if you have time!


  1. I appreciate the prayer! We are excited to see what God has in store for these lives. =)

  2. You are so sweet- thanks for asking for prayer for us.