Thursday, June 26, 2008

More pictures!

More shameless indulging in pictures...

I got mom's a-ok to post these. I know several of my blog buddies are photographers and more are mommies so I'm posting these in the hopes of begging your constructive criticisms (as either photographers with technical know-how or mommies with mommy-insight) so I can do better next time. Anyone else is welcome to give feedback too. I'd appreciate it and hopefully BFF will too! We're going to try another day for some sleeping shots. But he was very alert and awake yesterday! pictures below....

These are the same-I just couldn't decide if I liked color or black and white better


  1. I love it, Jen! I wish I had had someone with photographic inclinations to capture Noah's first days. We got some great photos, but these are really awesome.

  2. They're amazing! Your friend is so lucky to know such a great photographer!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I'm a sucker for black and white ones - but the color are nice as well.

  4. Wow!! You are really great, Jen! You and my DH should compare pics...we really need to hang out! I absolutely love the one of mom holding baby's feet and her hands are in the shape of a heart -fantastic!