Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just checking in...

Just checking in... I've been so busy this week!

We had our last adoption class last night. I am bummed to lose the time with the other parents but I can't say I'm sad the classes are over. They were such a source of struggle for me and a significant bone of contention between us and the agency. We have a mandatory "Infertility Counseling" meeting tomorrow with another person at the Agency and then our last Homestudy visit is a week from tomorrow. Surprisingly, things at the house are going really well. We have it almost completely ready. DH will work on the garage this weekend and I have some ticky tacky things I wanted to do anyway. Next week we have pest control and carpet cleaners coming (both overdue but this provides the perfect excuse) and the gardeners were here this past week and trimmed our palms for the summer and cleaned up the yard so I'm surprisingly not stressed about the impending visit (which is very unlike me!).

Our caseworker will do the visit and she's waiting on one more letter of recommendation and then she'll submit it all to the court. Meanwhile we have to get in contact with my doctor for a letter of "ability to carry a child" and we have to complete our Nightlight Application. Once we turn that and our money in, we'll be able to join the Nightlight chat group with other Snowflake Families, which I'm really looking forward to. I think I'll feel so much more at ease when I can talk to other parents who've been there in this specific kind of adoption.

We wrote our match letter this weekend. That was fun and surreal all at the same time. How do you market a family? How do you say enough to cover the important stuff, but keep it brief enough that you don't bore the reader? I'm not sure that we succeeded, but we're happy with the outcome. I sent it to the caseworker at Nightlight for her feedback-we'll see what she says!

No updates yet on the prospective match. She and I emailed each other quite a bit today. We're trying to see if we can reschedule for 4th of July weekend. Our Anniversary is June 28 and we were half-heartedly toying with the idea of going away from then through the 4th but there are still some variables so we'll see.

Tomorrow night we're having dinner with some old friends. It's a crazy story. Angie and I went to church together when we were in Junior High. Sometime in High School she changed churches and she also attended a private school so we saw little of each other. We both went away to college (she to Texas and I to Los Angeles) and came back swooning over our beaus. As we were sharing about them with each other, we discover that both of them (now our DHs) went to Junior High together here in Arizona! Crazy, huh? They live in Texas now but her In Laws still live here in town so they're here visiting and we'll get to see them. We're excited! Though I've pretty well transitioned in to living in Arizona and considering it home, I still always find comfort in sharing a history with someone when that history is older than 5 or 10 years. For this gypsy, that's a big deal!

That's about all that's new with us! Hope you all are well!


  1. Good luck with the upcoming meetings

  2. We'll be praying for your meetings! Wow, how exciting!! You guys have really charged through this adoption process, and you are such a good example to us all. We are already excited to meet your little one(s) when they arrive! It's so great to be able to share your journey through your blog.

  3. Sounds like things are going well. A match letter would be hard to do! When you said that, I automatically started trying to imagine what I would say about my husband and myself if it were us. That's a hard one! I'm glad the house is coming along well. Keep me updated on your meetings, okay? I think of you often and will keep you guys in my prayers.