Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stuff Matthew Says

If I ever get around to scrapbooking, I want to make a page about the funny things Matthew says. Some of the things he says are downright humorous because of their content, and other things are cute or funny or sweet because of HOW he says them.

He has a big vocabulary, but his conversation is still pretty one-sided. He doesn't dialogue much yet. So most of his conversation is him narrating things. He talks in the third person most of the time.

He's such a dichotomy. I see his peers ahead of him in sentence construction and interactive dialogue, but then I'll hear him bust out with correct pronouns (excepting himself), accurate choice of singular or plural, and properly used adverbs and conjunctions like "too" and "and" and "then."  He has so much going on in his head behind the scenes and then he'll just spit a whole bunch of new things and surprise me.

His favorite thing right now is to exclaim "OH!" when he's really excited. Like when he sees daddy come home, it's, "OH! HI Daddy!"

He says his own name as "Mashu." It's seriously the cutest thing.

My favorite thing he says is "I too." I says that to mean, "I love you, too." I love it.

One thing you all missed when I wasn't blogging is that the little stinker wouldn't say mommy FOR.THE.LONGEST.TIME. He said Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, the name of our dead dog, the names of my mom's dogs, the name of my brother's dog, the name of his little friend at church...the list went on and on and on. I was the baby equivalent of "Hey you!" Then one day, he started saying it, finally. And it's my second favorite thing he says. Right now he's sort of toying with "Mom" but I'm not giving up "Mommy" without a fight.

I often call DH, "Hunny." I rarely call him Todd, unless I'm speaking about him to someone else, or if he didn't hear me the first time. Sometimes, Matthew will go looking for him. It goes like this: "Daddy! DADDY!!! DADDY!  Hunny? TODD!!!" Cracks me up.

He used to say "yellow" as "yell-wee." I miss that.

Recently, he started barking. He barks around the house, he barks when we're on our walks, and he was barking in Target recently. After a couple of minutes, I told him, "All done barking." He looked at me, thought for a minute, and then said, "MEOW!!!!"  The fact that he's SO literal makes for some funny moments. It's like his mischief and his developmental stage collide into this hysterical combination.

Tonight he was watching doggies on youtube (one of his favorite treats). When we were done, he asked for more. I told him we were all done doggies. So he said, "Watch cats?" Nope. "Watch trucks?" Nope. "Watch goats?"  I busted out laughing. We've never sat down to watch a video of goats but in his mind, I only said no to the dogs, not no to anything else, so he was desperate to find something I would allow.

And then he has this thing he does, that we think is generic for "take this," or "here you go," and sometimes, "help you." He makes this sound, "A-baas-a-baas-a-baa?" He's not attempting to say any word-it's just this sound he makes. It's cute but I wonder what he thinks he's saying.

When he wants help, he says "Mommy help you."  Sometimes he'll specify, "Help you toys." It's sweet.

I had to stay up until midnight because I got off schedule with my meds (have to take them 4 hours apart). It's 12:03 and this pumpkin is going to bed! Makes for a lousy transition, but I'll leave you with a smile:

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  1. Oh my goodness! He sounds so much like my Syd! Right up to the "Mama, help you", and the third person, "Synee, blow it." She even has that generic nonsense word when she doesn't know what to say, ""Fafafafafaaa." She also loves to learn and read and know her letters and phonetical sounds. I believe they have similar learning styles! =) So cute! Also, congrats on your last transfer! I can't wait to hear what God has planned.

  2. He's so cute! Dusty and I call each other "babe" and Kaylee picked up on that, too. She'd say "hi dada, hi babe".

  3. Awww.. Such precious things he is saying!! When is your beta?