Monday, May 6, 2013

Dates with my Darlings

As it's getting hotter, we have to get more creative if we want to get out of the house. Sometimes we like to meet Daddy for lunch, which is a treat because he's gone before Matthew wakes up in the morning. Today, we decided on a lunch date at Chilis because we had a gift card and a coupon (kids eat free-click here if you want to print it). Then I had an errand to do at a store next door, so the boys went in to Bass Pro Shops to watch the fish. Matthew loves animals, and will pretty much take them any way he can get them. So while we do enjoy our zoo membership and go whenever we can, we also spend a lot of time at Petsmart and Bass Pro Shops. The bonus is that the last 2 are air conditioned and don't require as much time or energy.  So I left DH and Matthew at Bass with the request, "take a picture if he does anything cute!"  He obliged.

I love his heart for animals. He tries to talk to or pet every animal he sees-live, stuffed, toy, or even 2D like pictures and movies. He feeds the stray cats when we let him and when we leave the house, he always makes sure to tell Fiona goodbye.

We had a nice weekend. Matthew has a little friend who was born just 2 weeks after him and they've become good buddies since they've known each other their whole lives. Her mommy was very pregnant with her little sister, so we picked her up and took her and Matthew on a "date" this weekend to the zoo and lunch and the splashpad. It was great fun. Matthew longs for children to play with and that's one thing I wrestle with since he's an only child. It was so cute to see them so excited to see each other, especially the next day at church.

Thanks for the warm reception back into blogging. I have missed you ladies.


  1. I almost didn't recognize you in my feed, with your new title!! :)

    So nice to have you back again. :)

    p.s. If any future progeny are boys, you now have K's sister for double-betrothing! :)

  2. Some of Sarah's favorites are on that list!