Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes, it takes my breath away

Complete strangers *constantly* remark about how much Matthew looks like his daddy. Almost anytime we're in public with Todd and Matthew together, some clerk or waiter or another customer says something about the resemblance between them. We usually smile, nod, and thank them. I usually chock it up to their similar receding hairlines, blue eyes, and fair skin--generic traits that could easily be just coincidentally common to many people.

Then, there are other days, that the resemblance really takes my breath away.


  1. They look strikingly similar! It was meant to be!

    My son is only three months old and I didn't even birth him and I am constantly being told that he has my chubby cheeks, nose and almond shaped eyes and his daddy's skin tone and hair color. They're not lying, he looks like the perfect combination of the two of us, our perfect baby. God is amazing!

  2. I love that you have a picture of them in the same outfit. God really does amazing things when he matches families with embryos. It's similarities like these that remind us that God intended them to be ours from the beginning of time.

  3. I LOVE these kinds of "coincidences"

  4. OMG - I didn't notice the same outfit until Lara commented on it. Wow - the resemblence is amazing! Isn't it miraculous what God can do??
    My adopted little girl looks exactly like her daddy too. People comment all the time - and I just nod and smile. His newborn pics look exactly like Leah's did - but now that she's getting older, she has some of my traits too. I see it as another sign that God does amazing things in putting families together!

  5. I get this with Genevieve all the time. Our son looks nothing like me (even though he is our genetic child)....he is a carbon copy of his dad. But Genevieve looks a LOT like me and the color of our blue eyes is identical. She even has the same reddish brown, curly hair that I had as a child. I honestly belive God has all our children picked out for us in advance....and genetic or not....He knows what he is doing and I love how most adopted people I know resemble their adoptive parents in some way or another..

  6. That's awesome. I can't believe how much they do look alike.