Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Officially a Toddler

Funny story. My husband's name is Todd. His mom used to work in the church nursery when he was a Toddler. It was called "Toddler Nursery" or "Toddler Class" or something. My husband thought she made up the word "Toddler" and named the class in his honor. Wasn't he cute? And clever? In my whole life, I never connected the name Todd to "toddler."

Anyway, why do I tell you this story? Because as of Saturday, I no longer have a baby...I have a toddler.

He started Saturday night with this:

And just the next morning, he was walking all the way across the church nursery. Here he is yesterday morning, showing off his new skillz!

Matthew hasn't shown interest in walking, even though several of our friends' kids who are his same age started long ago. But I've always said that, like rolling and crawling, he wouldn't practice much. He'd just up and do it one day. And like I predicted, that's exactly what he did. A few weeks ago, he took a few steps toward me. Then he didn't try it again (on purpose) until Saturday. And then he just did it. The next morning, he was crossing the room. And now, just Wednesday, he already prefers it as his primary method to get around. It's so surreal to look down at him and watch him go from one activity to another by simply standing up and walking over to it.

He has 5 words. His first words were "uh oh!" He throws things over the side or off the edges of things and says "Uh oh!"

He also says "daddy," "hi!" "all done" and a few times, we've heard "bye." Yesterday, he also said "hey!" right back to me after I said the same thing. He also barks like a dog. He's always making some kind of noise-barking, growling, hollering, jabbering in baby talk. It's so cute!

Well my boys are home from an errand so I have to run! Toodaloo!


  1. What a darling, Jen! He's making such incredible strides!! :)

  2. Too cute! Let the fun begin, chasing after the big boy!

  3. Wow - look at him go!!
    This is what happens when I stop reading my blogs. One day, your kid is 'being broken out of baby jail' and the next day - it seems - he's walking. (I kept remembering your 'baby jail' analogy when our daughter was jaundiced....)
    Congrats on your little boy growing up!