Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Embryo Adoption in the News!

I have been pleased to see Embryo Adoption receiving increased media attention.

Recently, a bloggy friend of mine shared her EA Story on the Anderson Cooper Show. Todd and I and Matthew's genetic parents were interviewed for this show early on, and our initial impression was that they were looking for drama. I have not seen the entire show but from what Tracy posted, I was pleased to see that drama was not the direction that the AC Show decided to take the story. EA is perhaps technically "weird" to those who aren't familiar with it, but in day to day life, it's very drama-free!

As you know, our family was on our local news recently, in follow up to a story we did with them years ago. We were also interviewed in The Washington Times about the 2013 budget cuts. Life News did a story on the same news.

Today Moms featured a discussion on openness in Embryo Adoption. Conversations about reproduction and adoption are always different when discussed in a secular context versus a faith-based context, but I think this was a good start. But the comments remind me of how very far we have to go still, even in people's basic understanding of the process itself, not to mention ethics involved.

Recently, I was interviewed for an article in the Loveland Reporter Herald in Colorado.

If you are an EA family, please consider sharing your story. I love blogging for my own records, and to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away. But I also enjoy doing it because hopefully, when people see my sweet Matthew who started as a snowflake, they'll think twice about thinking of frozen embryos as just "some cells." I appreciate those reporters and editors who allow families like us to tell our EA stories, and who provide EA with more exposure than any of us could do on our own efforts.

If you have other recent news stories, please post them!

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  1. Hello, and congrats on your toddler! I just came across your blog randomly . . . We are also a family completed by embryo adoption. I, too, speak about it whenever I can. I blogged about it for many years, and have spoken personally to as many people as I can. If you know people considering it, I can be support as weel. Mt blog is . Looking forward to reading your whole story!