Tuesday, December 21, 2010

34 Weeks-Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday! Woohoo. I'm actually sort of simultaneously unimpressed with the fact that it's my birthday, and completely overwhelmed. You see, the past few years, my birthday wasn't a happy thing. It just marked one more year that my arms were still empty. We began trying to have a child in January of 2004. So it just kicked off an overall period of sadness as I got one year older, Christmas came and went, and we had another "anniversary" of trying. Last year was especially hard because it dawned on me that I'd be turning 30 this year, and probably still be waiting.

My how time and God change things! Now I am pretty ambivalent about my birthday, because I just want time to keep passing so Matthew can get here! It seems like such a small celebration in comparison to what's waiting for us very soon! But reaching 34 weeks is one of the most wonderful birthday gifts I could receive. I've told Matthew he can come any day after January 1 (I don't want to pay my insurance deductible this close to the end of the year :P ) but really, there's so much comfort to me in knowing he really could come at any time and he would probably be ok. 34 weeks feels like a milestone.

His carseat and stroller arrived yesterday. DH put it together and promptly took it for a test drive around the house. It didn't take long for him to begin popping wheelies and talking about getting spinners for the wheels. Boys. It was so cute though. I can't wait to see what adventures those two will have together.

I've been pretty silent because there's not much else going on. I keep making lists in preparation for Matthew's arrival. Last week we went and bought the last few things we felt like we needed for him to be able to come home. DH put his crib together this week. I ordered a tub for laboring-and found it for just $30! Score! Basically, it's a tall inflatable pool but our hospital allows you to bring them in and a local Bradley teacher (not mine) knew which brand fit our particular hospital's showers. For those interested, you might look in to laboring in water and seeing if your hospital will allow it. From what I've read and the testimonials I've heard, it's hugely beneficial. The buoyancy takes a lot of strain and fatigue off the mom, which helps her for the long haul. It also takes the weight off the uterus so it can contract more efficiently. It also allows you to get into different positions. It softens everything up, reducing the chances for tearing or an episiotomy. The weight of the water and the buoyancy alters your blood circulation and causes your body to release additional labor-helping hormones and also send more oxygen to baby. I really want to avoid as many artificial interventions and pain relievers as possible, and water seems to be spoken of so highly as really being a good tool for making this happen. But I was really confused as to how I'd make the logistics work because I didn't want to bring a hose and have to fill the tub across the room and then drain it again (gross), so when Diana connected me with someone who knew of a brand/size that would fit in the shower at the hospital, I was stoked! I'm grateful for God bringing one more detail into place!

The week of New Year's, we're going to install his carseat, take a breastfeeding class at the hospital, and pack his and my hospital bag. My doctor's office doesn't stop labor after 36 weeks so we want to have everything ready to go from that point on because we know if we go to the hospital, there's a good chance we're coming home with him! I can't believe that that point is just 2 weeks away!

Here we are at 34 weeks!

I better get off. I want to do a little tidying around the house. When DH wakes up, he's taking me to breakfast and then we're going to Build a Bear to make this bear for Matthew. Tonight my folks are coming up and we're going to see Narnia--fitting because I saw the first one for my 25th birthday :)

I'll just sign off with what's going on with Matthew this week! Have a great week!
Your amazing baby is on the move! They’ve been riding fairly high in your stretched-out womb till now (while kindly compressing your poor internal organs), but now they’re planning on making the big move to your pelvis this week. If you haven’t noticed it already, you’ll be feeling the weight shift that signals that your baby is most likely out of breech position, with their head now resting on your pubic bone. In liver news: although not quite fully formed, your little miracle’s liver is now capable of processing a certain amount of waste. In general, most of your child’s prenatal physical development is pretty much up to snuff and ready for the outside world. Naturally, further weight gain is expected—so you’re still not at maximum capacity despite probably feeling like you definitely are maxed out.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed that your hospital will allow a tub! Will they let you deliver in it, or just labor?

  2. Just labor, but that's ok with me. I figured that it's better than nothing at all!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jen! I remember your post from your birthday last year...Yes, how God and time change everything - God is good!

    Congrats on 34 weeks! And I love the snowflake bear you guys built for baby Matthew. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Jen! I labored in the tub until I was a PRUNE! I loved the tub!! Congratulations on 34 weeks!!