Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Appointment Update

We had another OB appointment yesterday. The doctor could not find the heart by doppler, so we got another ultrasound (you can hear my disappointment, right?) We saw baby's head and torso, spinal cord, heart, arm, hand (and fingers), and foot! Baby was sucking his or her thumb-it was SO cute. We are SO in love.

Unfortunately, we tried to record it and because we thought we were, the doctor didn't take any still images, and we didn't realize until it was all over that the recording didn't work either, so I have no images to share with you, but I can just tell you it was amazing. He said baby looked great.

Our next appointment is in 4 weeks, and then after that, we'll have an ultrasound to determine gender! I can't believe that in a month, we'll know if baby is a boy or a girl!

The doctor did give me the mail order prescription. It was a little more difficult to get him to also write me a short supply prescription to pick up at the local pharmacy while I wait for the mail order. He prescribed me a 5 day supply with 1 refill. I picked up a 7 day supply yesterday. So I just have to pray that the mail order one arrives within 17 days.  It wasn't the total flexibility and stress relief I was hoping for, but it was not the fight I anticipated it would be, either. Thanks for your prayers!

We went to a U-Pick Orchard this weekend that is about 4 hours south of here. It was wonderful to be in cooler weather, the wonderful sunshine and beautiful scenery. We took this picture. Baby is supposed to be about the size of a navel orange. The orchard didn't have any oranges, but their peaches were enormous! So we chose a peach that was about the same size as a navel, and took this picture :) This kid is going to soon find out that his/her parents are completely cheesetastic!


  1. You two are just GLOWING!

    Hey-mail order pharmacies are FAST FAST FAST, it won't take any time at all!

  2. You look absolutely fabulous! I'm glad the day was a good one and I'm glad you had a great scan. So happy to hear about the zofran helping as well! Not to be too nosy but does it cause you a lot of constipation? I found I was so plugged up while on it. I ended up having to take colace because my doc didn't want me to put any extra (errr pressure) on my cerclage site. Sorry for the TMI. But anyways. I'm just glad you're doing better!

  3. You look fantastic!! So glad to hear all the meds concerns are resolved!

  4. How's it going girl? You know it's not even been a week and I"m dying for an update, LOL!