Thursday, January 29, 2015

Giveaway-Clothes for Parents of Snowflake Girls

Many years ago when our EA journey was just beginning, a lovely woman sent me a package full of clothes covered in snowflakes. To this day, it was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me.

Those clothes have sat in a hope chest all these years, waiting for a little girl to wear them.  I guess it just won't be my snowflake who wears them.

I have a whole box of things she sent and things I later added myself.

If you have a snowflake girl age 2 or under, please post the size she is in or will be in for winter clothes. If she'll still be under age 2 next winter, feel free to post that size.  If I have anything that matches up, I'll be glad to send things. I will email you for your address.

Let me know! I really want these things to go to another snowflake so please only post if your daughter is a snowflake :

ETA: I should have said if your daughter wears a size 24 months or smaller. It's fine if she's older than 2, but the largest size clothing I have is 24 months.


  1. Jen - this is so sweet. I would be very honored to have my snowflake girls wear such special items. They are both is newborn sizes and should be in up to 3m this winter. Next winter I expect them to be in mostly 12m.

  2. What a sweet thing! I would love to have something- just as a way connection. Your story with Matthew was a huge part of our decision to pursue embryo adoption.
    My big snowflake is 3, but my littler snowflake is currently wearing 9-12mos clothes. (At 6mos of age- she's a big girl!) I would guess 24mos next winter. I would welcome anything to take pictures in and post to FB and talk about embryo adoption.
    Thanks for spreading the encouragement!

  3. hi Jen, a friend just sent me your blog today. What a sweet offer. Our little snowflake girl is 10 days old today. So she is currently in newborn clothes. By next winter I imagine she'll be in 12 months. Whatever you wish to share would be welcomed. Thank you so much.