Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dedicating Baby Matthew

This last Sunday was a special time in the life of our family. The protestant church has a practice parents publicly dedicating their children to God. In terms of cultural significance, it's the equivalent of infant baptism, though the two practices mean different things to each of their respective denominations. Baby dedication is a time for parents to publicly commit to raising their child in the ways and knowledge of the Lord, and for the family's church body to commit to supporting the parents in this endeavor with their spiritual wisdom and helps.

So on Sunday, we had the great joy of dedicating baby Matthew publicly to the Lord. Sunday wasn't a change or anything new, it was just a chance to publicly commit to doing so. Both sets of our parents attended. My best friend and brother were able to be there as well. Great grandparents celebrated with us by video. Afterwards, the family and our WWF family (the two other families from church with whom we are very close) came to our home for brunch. It was such a special day for us.

The Pastor first asked both sets of parents if it was our intention to raise our children for the Lord. Then he asked the congregation if it was their intention to commit to helping us with that purpose. Everybody said "yes."

He prayed over the other baby and then came to Matthew. Here is the video of Matthew's blessing. It's a little choppy because I edited out the other baby because I don't have her parents' permission to broadcast her all over the world wide web, but my editing skills are lousy.

But, without further ado:

It's a tall order. Having a child has added such a different dimension to my faith. Even when I'm not disciplined about it for my own sake, having him makes me more serious about it because I want to be the best example for him that I can be. I still have such a very long way to go. We're so grateful for a wonderful family and church family who have already and will continue to walk with us. This baby boy is abundantly loved, that's for sure!

Oh, and it's hard to see on the video but the reason people are giggling is that when Pastor Jon told him that we love him, God loves him, and the church loves him, Matthew gave him a big smile. Then when PJ said he was going to pray, Matthew smiled again. :)

He'll be 3 months old on Saturday! If we could get his sleeping nailed down, I'd be perfectly content to keep him little forever!!