Friday, April 25, 2008

Homestudy Visit Recap

Well our first visit went well! We covered genograms today, which are like family trees but focus on relationships and dynamics and not biology. So that was interesting. Todd and I didn't really think we really learned anything new (which is OK because I don't think that was the purpose) but we do think that it helped our caseworker get a better understanding of who we are which will ultimately make this process as relevant as it can be.

Our first class was fun. There are 8 other couples so it's a large group. The class is very dynamic and diverse. It's amazing to see how many different walks of life are brought together in a journey like this. We're looking forward to the rest of the classes. This first one was a lot of housekeeping and nuts and bolts, and an overview of adoption law, which unfortunately doesn't pertain to us, but I understand that the rest of the sessions are much more relational and educational about the true dynamics of adoption and I'm really excited about that.

I just got a google alert. I guess The Focus on the Family story came out today. I was surprised because she shared with me on the phone that she wasn't sure when it would come out so I wasn't even looking for it and didn't know it had been released until I just received that email. I actually just sent a quick update to some friends asking that they pray for the upcoming article!

They only used a small sound byte but that's okay. I don't care if I wouldn't have been included at all--as long as her article can help promote Embryo Adoption Awareness and save little lives, she could quote the man in the moon and that would be okay with me!

But if you're interested, the transcript is here. If you want to hear the actual sound clip, you can listen here. The EA story starts at 3:34 in to the broadcast.

We ask for your prayers for wisdom. We have some potentially exciting news and a big decision to make, but out of respect for the others involved, we'll refrain from posting the details here. We'd ask that you join us in praying for wisdom for all of the parties involved as a decision is made!


  1. I am going to listen to these later! good luck to you

  2. I saw the article transcript, how great! It's definitely something that should be promoted more. What a great day!

  3. I'm so glad to hear it went well!!! It's so exciting to know that you're truly on your way!!

    I had actually thought that the homestudy was just going to be you two and a caseworker - I didn't know if was a classroom setting.

    And we'll wait with baited breath for your exciting news! :)

  4. Just listened to the sound clip - wow!!! That's awesome!!! And you got a great little quote in there. How exciting!!

  5. i'm enjoying reading about your journey, especially b/c it is something my husband and i might consider in a year or so...keep it up! *elizabeth

  6. What's the news??? I hope it is great news and I hope you're both doing well!!

  7. How are you doing girl? Anything new and exciting going on? Just saying hi.