Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Doctor Update

Hi everyone,
Thanks for praying for our appointment with the new clinic. It went "ok," I guess. I've been trying to think about my reaction. I wasn't unhappy, but I wasn't thrilled either. I think what I've determined is the finite nature of embryology is so difficult for me to understand, even with much effort, that I'm responding to that and not to any specific complaints about the interpersonal reaction or the communication. The meeting was informative and the doctor was very nice. I didn't "click" with him but again, I think that's because the nature of the subject was so difficult for me that I was concentrating really hard on that and not on the overall interaction. I learned enough about embryology today to make my head spin for several days! I wish we could get our hands on the nifty book he was walking us through so I could read and re-read it but alas, it's an out of print medical journal and "real book" alternatives are too pricey to interest me. Oh well, I'm sure there's a huge amount of information online and I just need to do some searching.

One huge praise was that he didn't "push" anything. He told us what our options were because he said he didn't want us to have made the decision for EA because we assumed we didn't have other choices but as soon as he presented them and we affirmed that we are doing EA even with the knowledge of our other options, he dropped it. It wasn't pushy at all and we thanked him for respecting our decision. I was really thankful for that answer to prayer because I would hate to be in a position of having to "fight" with our doctor. We're not threatened by questions and I don't mind if people don't agree but it's a little different story when your doctor has issues with your choices.

DH seemed really happy with him. And like I said, he is nice enough. I had no specific complaints.

Another praise is that he confirmed that we shouldn't need anything in addition to the infectious disease screening, the Mock Transfer and SonoHSG, and the actual Frozen Embryo standpoint, so that's nice from a financial perspective because insurance covers nothing, and in some women's cases, they've had to do additional procedures, medications and tests. Things can always change of course, but he said so far, everything looks ok! I did forget to ask him about Monday's "discovery" but I still have an appointment with the referring doctor so I'll just ask him.

Other than that, nothing new to report!


  1. Do you think your doctor could make you a photocopy of the pertinent section(s) of the embryology book he walked you through? Doesn't hurt to ask!

  2. i am glad that the appointment is over adn you do not feel like it was terrible!