Monday, March 3, 2008

Adoption Agency Meeting!

Woohoo! We received our Case Worker Assignment and I got the chance to visit with her for a little while today over the phone. She sounds really nice and enthusiastic about her job.

We have a first meeting with her next week and then she'll give us all the paperwork we need to complete. She said it's extensive paperwork and she's seen a couple complete in as short of a time as 2 weeks but the average is a couple of months. Taking a deep breath and pacing myself here... I can be a little obsessive over a project so I can easily see myself sitting down and not getting up until it's done! After all that paperwork is done, then the Homestudy itself actually begins.

We're excited to meet her and start the process!

Also, I had my ultrasound today to follow up to the one in December that revealed that I had a new cyst, as large as the one I had removed surgically a couple years ago. This morning's ultrasound revealed that the new cyst is now completely gone and no others have grown in its place on either side! I'm so thankful! The tech did tell me about something else about my internal construction that is abnormal that I didn't know about (she thought I knew already which is why she commented on it). I don't think it's troublesome but it is abnormal. Once she realized I didn't know about it already she couldn't tell me anymore but I'll ask the clinic this Wednesday and my own doctor who ordered the U/S to begin with about it . I don't think it is anything to be worried about. I'll definitely be praying to that end, if you want to join me. But I am thrilled at the dissolution of the cyst because it means I don't need another surgery and avoid the risk of new scar tissue. Praise God!

She gave me a disk of my images to take to the new doctor since there won't be time to do an official transfer before our meeting with him. Out of curiosity I stuck the CD in to look at the images. I've determined that Ultrasound Techs and Radiologists have superhero vision that enables them to make meaning out of what looks to me like a bunch of gray nothingness. It seriously fascinates me how they can look and say "this is that" and such. So while it was cool to look at the CD I've resigned myself that in this particular element of my care, I have absolutely nothing to bring to the table because as far as I'm concerned, those images could just as easily have depicted a basketball or an alien and I would have been none the wiser.


  1. Congrats on the upcoming ageny meeting! Everything is coming together so fast now! I keep my fingers crossed you will be able to do the paperwork in a month or so, without obsessing over it. ;)
    and I'm glad to hear the cyst is gone!
    (And that I apparently have superpowers now! ;))

  2. Congrats on the cyst being gone! And more happy days ahead!

  3. Hi there! I found your blog through a google search on embryo adoption. I am a mom of two boys, one through traditional adoption and one through embryo adoption. I wish you luck in your journey to a snowbaby!

  4. Praise God the cyst is gone! I'm so glad to hear it! I hope you continue to get good news at your next appointment.

    And as for ultrasound techs, I'm quite sure they have superhuman vision or something, because I always have to have them point out stuff and I still can't see it.

  5. I'm right in the midst of my paperwork. However, since we're doing infant adoption and not embryo, my paperwork stack may not be as big as yours! My agency has a webpage for us exclusively and we fill out all of our paperwork online. Pretty cool!

    The paperwork can be a good thing because it can help you process your thoughts on parenting...kind of like pre-marital counseling. What I've heard from other adoptive parents is that you REALLY benefit from the soul searching and that you'll wish every parent had to go through some type of screening to make sure they're ready to parent!

    Good luck!