Saturday, November 1, 2014

Praises Already

Thanks so much for your prayers and words of comfort to our family. It is such a blessing to know he is being prayed for, and we along with him. I wanted to share with you how some of these prayers are already being answered. Thank you for praying!

Immediately after we identified that what our home needed was prayers for peace, we saw a calming in Matthew's mood. He is still having a difficult go at things and having many more meltdowns than is acceptable under normal circumstances, but we no longer feel like we're all holding our breaths. He's a little more reasonable, a little more able to compose himself, the meltdowns are a little smaller, and he's a little quicker to rebound when he does go off the deep end. He's still a far cry from his normal sweet temperament, but it no longer seems like he's being held hostage by anger. Thank you, Jesus!

We had our first follow-up with the Pediatrician today. I didn't expect this visit to yield anything, but it was still nice to receive a thumbs up. He's also started taking his daily medicine without a fight, and let the Pediatrician examine him without fear. Thank you, Jesus!

Our transfer got moved from November 20, to November 17, to possibly canceled, to now, November 21! And that date is as firm as it can be until a lining check on November 13, at which point things could be called off as in any other cycle, but not because of my med mix-up. Thank you, Jesus!

Many, many friends have brought or are bringing us meals. Friends from out of state even ordered us a pizza.  This is such a great relief to us. Thank you to those of you who have ministered to or are ministering to our family in a very tangible way. It blesses us greatly.

It's still hard to get out of the house. We tried a couple of times this week, including tonight, and it just ends badly because he is SO tired and runs out of energy so quickly. So I think we will be staying in for a while, as he regains his energy. Otherwise, he just crashes and burns too quickly.  But overall, things are already much better than they were even just a few days ago.

God hears our prayers. Thank you, Lord!

Cardiology check up this coming week...


  1. I love hearing how God answers our prayers. His love and care is such a blessing!

  2. Wow, just getting caught up on your story. I'm so sorry your family (especially Matthew) is having to go through this but love hearing how God continues to work in the midst of it. Glad he's doing a little better. I'll be praying for you all!