Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stuff Matthew Says, Part 2

I love this time in Matthew's life where he's still learning language. Here are some of my favorite "Matthewisms."

"Are you okay?" He says this if he gets hurt or does something that presumably could have hurt him (fall down, run into something, etc). He walks around and asks everyone in the vicinity, "Are you okay?" So sweet.

"Noonles" -Noodles

"Chicken" - "Kitchen." It's really cute to hear him tell me he is playing in his chicken.

"Easies"- Earrings. My mother in law likes to wear earrings so she has some in 99% of the time she sees him. Especially when Matthew was younger, he wanted to touch and handle them. She'd let him, but, trying to encourage him to be gentle, she'd say "easy" while he was doing it. He now thinks they're called "easies."

"Fishy Pants"-His swim trunks that have fish on them

"Hopter" - Helicopter

"Red bed" -the sheets on our bed are red, so he'll say "Mashu and mommy in the red bed?" when he wants to go in there and snuggle or jump on the bed

"Nuke" =Milk

"You want" and "Are you??"- He says things this way to refer to himself, presumably from hearing me ask him "are you..." or whatever. "You want nuke?" = "I want some milk." "Are you stinky?" = "My diaper is dirty." It's really funny though when he comes and says, "Mommy, are you stinky?"

"Mommy, are you talking to a beaver?" -He said this to me yesterday morning. I have no idea what it means and I didn't even know he knew what a beaver is (not something we see in Arizona), but it was too funny not to share.

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  1. aww! I love when they start learning to talk!