Thursday, January 12, 2012

(Belated) 11 Months

On December 22nd, Matthew turned 11 months old! I thought I should document this 11th month before it's over. I'm going to do my best to write retroactively, and only record things that were true on the 22nd. Everything else will go in his one year entry!

So here, goes!

Age: 11 months

Weight: 20lbs

Length: Unknown, but you have outgrown in length all of your 6-9 month clothes, and even your 9-12 month rompers

Diapers: Size 3--this is new. You were in 2s until very recently!

Clothes: Some of your 9 month clothes still fit if they are very long. Most of your 12 month things fit, but your rompers are too short, as are a couple of your pairs of pants, and your pajamas are almost so. I've moved you up to 18 months in the too-short things, and you just swim in them. It reminds me of when you were first born and you were swimming in pretty much anything you wore, and that reminder is ok with me.
Teeth: Still just the two. We thought you were getting another one, but nothing has come of it so far.
Eyes: Still blue
Skills: You are super fast at crawling and you're improving at cruising every day. You're just starting to try to climb things. At Grandpa and Grandma's house for a family gathering, you had free reign and the next thing I knew, you were almost completely on top of the toddler picnic table. You were making your last heft up when I caught you. I didn't even know you knew how to climb. You love to dive headfirst off the couch--I'm usually there to catch you but I don't even think you realize it--you're completely fearless in this regard. Your whole world is about up and down and up and down again.

Likes: You LOVE to dance. You have a mobile attached to the side of your crib. If you don't want to sleep or if you've just woken up, you frequently crawl over to the mobile, turn it on, stand up, and start dancing. You like to play fetch...with yourself. You'll get your favorite toy, toss it in front of you, go get it, and toss it again. It's darling. You're very vocal. You sing and talk almost nonstop. You love to make silly noises, and you love it when mommy or daddy makes a new one--you immediately set your mind to trying to recreate that noise. You love other kids. You stare at them when we're out in public and if we're at church or some other place where you have the opportunity, you love to play with them. You're usually the more quiet, observant one. You watch for a while before getting involved. If someone else takes your toy, you gladly find another. If someone uses you as a step-stool, you think it's fun. I love your forbearing nature. In that way, you're teaching mama a lot. You really really REALLY love the phone, especially when I'm on it. And having your own phone, even one exactly like the one I'm talking on, won't satisfy you. You have to have the SAME phone I'm talking on. You've hung up on people, dialed random numbers, and even answered a call or two. You still really like chicken. I think your favorite foods, in order, are chicken, pineapple, mangoes, yogurt, and broccoli. Really though, you love eating in general. You'd do it as a hobby if I'd let you.

Dislikes: You're becoming a little opinionated about not getting your way. Denying you the computer and the phone is the quickest way to elicit a tantrum. Aside from a few toys that scare you (for reasons we don't understand-they're very docile toys!), you don't have many things you dislike, aside from sitting still, and being told, "no." You have become a pretty good little sleeper. You eat most things I make for you. You get annoyed when I change your diaper, but only because it requires you to lie still for a minute. Otherwise, you don't mind it or clothing changes anymore. You don't seem to mind your hat or car rides anymore. Overall, you're a very easy going little love-bug who teaches me more about the world, about God, and about myself every day!

We love you, Matthewsaurus!

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